A quick gaming apology

In the midst of an utterly unrelated search, I came across a post of mine from back in the early days of D&D 4E, wherein I foolishly predicted that Paizo would move to 4E after a few years of Pathfinder.

And it occurs to me that this post may be the origin of the (mistaken) idea that I dislike Pathfinder. It was, in fact, merely an utter misread of the market, not a comment on the quality of anyone’s game, and certainly not the expression of any sort of wish. But I can see how it might have seemed that way.

Thus, I would like to apologize…

A) To Paizo, for not giving them near enough credit for their coming success;

B) To WotC, for throwing more fuel on the fire of those who were angry about the edition switch;

C) And to any/all gamers who felt that I was in any way denigrating their choice of system. That was absolutely not my intent, but obviously I’m as capable of getting swept up in the moment as anyone else.

So… I love D&D. I love Pathfinder. I love the creative folks at both Paizo and WotC. I’m happy to be part of, and contribute whatever I can to, both sets of fans. And I’m sorry if anything I’ve said has ever given the impression otherwise.