An Open Letter

As I’m sure many of you can imagine, ever since the diabetes diagnosis, I’ve been paying extra special attention to the nutritional information of the foods I buy. This is particularly true of convenience foods like protein shakes and snack bars, since many of them are diabetic-friendly and many of them… aren’t.

And I’ve noticed something. A lot of the brands have specially marked varieties for diabetics. "Diabetic" this and "glucose control" that. And you know what?

Very often–not always, but often–the "diabetic-friendly" variety has the exact same nutritional values and components as other low-carb varieties sold by the same brand, and yet they cost 20 to 25% more.

Let me say that again. They’re charging 20 to 25% more for something that said "diabetic" on the label, but is otherwise identical to other low-carb options.

So, to the brands/manufacturers in question, on behalf of not only diabetics, but anybody with a soul: Fuck you, you parasites. I don’t know if there’s a Hell, but if not, someone ought to invent one specially for you.