Ari’s Easiest Contest Ever!

Okay, folks, it’s contest time once again! And this time… Ooh, this time I’m making it really easy on you. Whether you’re a fan of my work or have never read a word I’ve written, you have no excuse* for not entering.

*Unless you don’t want to read anything of mine, of course, in which case, you shouldn’t bother. But then why are you reading these contest rules in the first place? ๐Ÿ˜›

How to Enter

Step 1: Go to my Contact Page.

Step 2: Change the subject line to "Ari’s Easiest Contest Ever".

Step 3: Using that form, send me an e-mail. In the e-mail, you should tell me why you think I should send you a free book.

That’s it. No, really.

Your reasons can be as short or as long as you want. They can be serious or they can be funny. They can be true or they can be false. They can be logical or they can be nonsense. Have fun, be creative (or not, if you don’t want to), and go nuts.

The only thing they cannot be is threatening. No entries threatening harm to yourself, to me, or to anyone else will be accepted. No matter how obvious it is that you’re joking, I’m not prepared to deal with that.

But everything else is fair game. ๐Ÿ™‚

Choosing the Winners

I’ll be choosing four (4) winners of this contest. Two will be chosen at random from all entries. The other two will be picked based on which of the reasons/explanations I like best. So even if you just say something like, "Send me a book because I want one," you probably won’t win for favorite explanation, but you could still very well win from the random draw.

I expect to let the contest run for about a month, give or take.

What You Can Win

Three of the winners will receive one signed book each. One of the four winners (chosen from the four at random) will receive two.

If you win, you can choose your prize(s) from the following list. Now, I have limited numbers of some of these books, so I cannot guarantee everyone their first choice. But I’ll be asking people to rank their first three choices, and I can pretty much guarantee that the winners will at least receive one of their top choices.

Prize Options:

The Goblin Corps (trade paperback novel)

The Conqueror’s Shadow (hardcover novel or mass-market paperback novel, winner’s choice)

The Warlord’s Legacy (hardcover novel or mass-market paperback novel, winner’s choice; but be aware that, if you choose the paperback, your prize cannot ship until December)

Agents of Artifice (mass-market paperback novel)

Neverwinter Campaign Setting (a Dungeons & Dragons game supplement, on which I was one of three primary authors)

Thief’s Covenant (hardcover young adult novel; note that if you select this prize, you’ll have to wait until early 2012 for your book to ship)

Important Notes!!!

If you are a family member, a friend of mine in real life, an employee of Random House, Pyr Books, or Wizards of the Coast, or the winner of one of my prior contests, then I’m afraid you’re ineligible. Sorry, guys.

You must send your entry via the contact page, as linked above. Entries received by any other means will be disqualified.

Only one entry per person, please.

And that’s it. Get to it, folks! ๐Ÿ˜€