Ask the Warlord, and another announcement

First off, we’ve got a new Ask the Warlord column up, in which Corvis tackles the "urgent" problem of parking and social status.

Second, Suvudu has now announced the first match-ups in their latest "Cage Match" series (in which fictional characters are set against one another until only one is left standing). This year, it’s personal–for me, anyway. Because, as you’ll note if you take a gander down the right-hand side, Corvis Rebaine (hero–well, protagonist–of The Conqueror’s Shadow and The Warlord’s Legacy) is a contender this time around. 😈

That’s the good news. The bad news? Take a look at his first opponent. Yeah, it says "Severus Snape." 😮

Once the match goes live–some time next week, I believe–there will be two versions up of how we expect the fight to go. The version written by the folks at Random House will be up on the Suvudu site. The version written by me will be up here.

But ultimately, the winner will be decided by a vote of you, the readers. And, well, when it comes to popularity and name recognition, Snape has a slight advantage over Corvis. (Ahem.)

So once this goes live, I’m going to be asking every one of you to vote. Help me get Corvis past at least the first round, okay?

Soon as voting opens up, I’ll post links.