Dragon Magazine


Issue #311: "Faces of Faith: Variant Cleric Concepts"

Notes: These "variant clerics" are not prestige classes, but complete 20-level classes that can be used to augment or even replace the standard cleric in your campaign setting. One of the classes, the evangelist, is missing a paragraph of information. The class is supposed to receive additional domains as it advances, as expressed in the charts. These domains must be first come from among those offered by the deity. If the deity runs out of offered domains before the evangelist runs out of domains acquired, the remainder must be thematically appropriate to the god. (That is, an evangelist of a sun god might pick up the Fire Domain, even if it’s not truly one of the god’s domains, because it thematically fits. He could not pick up, say, Death or Water under most circumstances.)


Issue #312: "The Ebon Maw"

Notes: My first article printed in Dragon that I actually proposed and submitted. (I was invited to write the previous article–and was quite thankful to be asked, in case you were wondering.) "The Ebon Maw" presents Turaglas the Devourer, a new demon lord. It includes his followers, their schemes, his history, his servitors, new spells, new items, a new domain… Just about everything you could want or need to incorporate some nasty evilness into your campaign.


Issue #314: "Dust to Dust: Magic of the Earthborn"


Issue #315: "Blackmoor: Guardians of the Docrae"

Notes: Issue #315 includes articles on many of the classic D&D campaign settings. Blackmoor was the very first, the creation of Dave Arneson back in the day. The Docrae are a race of warrior halflings; this article presents a prestige class that, while designed for their use, could certainly be fit into any campaign setting with halflings who have seen too much of war.


Issue #331: "The Point of Pole-Arms"

Notes: I’m not the sole writer of this one. I proposed the article and wrote, oh, I’d guess roughly 2/3 of what’s there, give or take.


Issue #336: "Birth of the Dead"