More campaign ruminations

So since I still may (or may not) be in the mood to run something in the near future, I’ve been giving some idle thought to campaign ideas. And what keeps bubbling to the forefront of what’s left of my brain is to use the upcoming 4e Dark Sun setting as a baseline to build a campaign world that is actually Earth near the end of the universe’s life span, a la Clark Ashton Smith’s Zothique Cycle. But, uh, more desert/Barsoom-ish, as befits Dark Sun. The assumption being that, as the universe enters its dotage, the laws of physics have begun to fray and unravel just a bit, allowing for the appearance (return?) of magic.

So we’d still have a few scattered major city-states–ruled by Sorcerer Kings, as per the DS setting–but that are made up of a combination of medieval-style stonework and the last lingering, broken ruins of the steel-and-glass metropolises of the age of science.

What I haven’t yet decided is

A) whether to go ahead and allow the divine power source, assuming that the old gods of Earth mythology returned with the return of magic, or to keep them away as with Dark Sun proper, and

B) what the hell the campaign itself will actually entail/be about. But I really like the basic idea…