One of these days…

…I will listen to people who are wiser than I, and I will get it through my thick skull that no good can ever come of me walking into a Barnes & Noble and looking for my newly released novel.


Because authors tend to the neurotic, and I’m one of those who ruins the curve for the rest of the class. 😳

If they don’t have the book, my assumption is never "They sold out," but rather "They didn’t bother to order it."

If there are lots of the new book, my assumption is "It’s not selling."

If (as was the case today), there are only a couple (and they weren’t even shelved in the new releases, where they should have been), then my assumption is that they didn’t bother to order more than a few of them, because they didn’t expect them to sell.

Notice, of course, that in all three cases, the correct answer could be "Hey, the book’s selling." But that’s never my first assumption. 😛