Stranger Than Fiction

Well. I am about to make a statement that I’m fairly positive none of you have ever been in the position to make.

I just wrenched my bad knee. (Not seriously, just somewhat painfully.) From slipping on a DVD.

In the shower.  😳

I admit I’m tempted to leave it without context, but I imagine most of you are wondering what the hell sort of narrative led to this even being possible. Well, my cat Leloo had a few vomiting episodes a few days ago. We later discovered that she’d yakked on a small stack of DVDs beside the TV. We figured the easiest way to clean them would be to let them soak for a while, and then rinse/scrub them off next time one of us was in the shower anyway.

And it was the easiest way. It worked beautifully. Up until the version of Death from the Final Destination movies took a test run at me. 😯

Seriously, if I wrote this into a book, nobody would buy it…