What I Want to See in DnD: A Preliminary

If you’re a gamer of any sort, you’ve heard by now that WotC is working on a new edition of D&D intended to allow for a wide range of playstyles and experiences, and to appeal to fans of all editions. It’s a Herculean task, and I’ve no idea if they’ll be able to pull it off, but I appreciate the effort.

I’m going to start posting occasional "What I Want to See in D&D" blog entries. These aren’t hints or previews; I’m not involved in creating the new edition, and I have no more insight into what they’re doing than anyone else. And these aren’t things that I necessarily think would be popular, or would sell. This is purely about what I personally would do if I ruled the world, and if I had no real concerns.

Before I write up a new entry on something I want to see, however, I want to link you back to an ENWorld column I wrote almost a year ago. "Epic! Yes. Fail? Maybe" is a discussion on something where I think the game–in almost every edition–has fallen down a bit. Since this is something that I’d love to see fixed in the new edition, and since the idea of "changing play experience" is something I’ll be coming back to, I figured I’d start by pointing people back to that column.

The next entry in WiWtSiDnD will cover new stuff, but in the interim, I welcome thoughts, comments, and opinions on this column. (Feel free to comment here, as opposed to over there.)