Yet Another "New Who" Question

I’m trying to figure out if I’ve literally seen every bit of New Who footage. (I’m talking about actual broadcasts of episodes and the like, not stuff like Doctor Who Confidential. And right now, at least, I’m just looking for televised stuff, not audio dramas or written fiction.)

So, I’ve seen every proper episode of New Who, from Eccleston on. I’ve seen both "Time Crash" and the Children in Need special whose name I forget, but which took place right after the regeneration from Eccleston to Tennant. I’ve seen the two animated specials, "Dreamland" and "The Infinite Quest." (Neither of which were all that great, to be honest, but not awful.) And I’ve seen the two-part story of the Sarah Jane Adventures in which Tennant appeared as the Doctor.

So, am I missing anything? Is there anything else out there that stars/includes any of the three newest Doctors?