January 21, 2019: Take a look

Well, how 'bout that? I wasn't familiar with the EZVid wiki, but they seem to have good taste in urban fantasy, if nothing else.  😉 9 Captivating Works of Urban Fantasy In addition to Hot Lead, Cold Iron, they've got a number of other books listed that look really interesting. Take ...
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October 18, 2018: Belated book release post

Well. Um. I announced it all over social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. I added it to the Upcoming/New Release widget, up there to the left. But I never actually posted about it on, y'know, the front page of my own web site. *smacks head repeatedly into wall* So, under the ...
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August 7, 2018: It’s Book Day!

As of today, IN TRUTH AND CLAW, book 4 of the Mick Oberon series, is on shelves and e-shelves. (E-shelves are a thing, right?) Or at least it is in US markets. Not sure about the others yet. Fey things! Dead things! Undead things! Thought-were-dead-but-alive things! Ancient things! Demonic things! ...
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August 1, 2018: ArmadilloCon!

It's that time again. So here's my ArmadilloCon schedule for this weekend: FRIDAY Nothing scheduled, but I'll be around. SATURDAY 12:00 pm--Signing, Dealers Room (and I just might have a few advance copies of In Truth and Claw, the fourth Mick Oberon book, that I'd be willing to part with for ...
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May 30, 2018: Yet Another New Book Announcement

Trapped in the form of the knight who supposedly slew him, the dragon Tzavalantsaval--with a loathsome goblin steward as his only true ally--struggles to navigate the Kirresci royal court and humanity itself, even as politics and intrigues he scarcely understands push the southern kingdoms ever nearer to open war. Ash ...
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