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Posted on December 19, 2013 at 9:23 PM
Dec 192013

This is–in terms of both personal and professional pride–one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write. That it comes in the middle of the holidays just makes it even worse.

As many of my fans and friends already know, I suffer from a number of health issues, both physical and emotional. For a large chunk of this year, the dosages on my depression meds were wrong, leading to a long period where I was far less functional than I should have been. One of the results of that was that I got less work done this year than I should have.

Well, on top of that, I have several payments that are past-due to me that have not yet arrived, and I’ve just had several months straight of unexpected expenses (personal, health-wise, pet-health-wise, and other).

Bottom line, we’re deep in the red and I’m not sure about basic expenses or rent next month.

hate talking about this in public. I’ve stopped myself from deleting this blog entry several times already. Embarrassed doesn’t begin to cover it. But I need help, not just for me, but so I don’t let my wife–who’s always been overly supportive of me and my career–down.

If you want to help… Well, my preferred method, because I have some pride left, would be for you to purchase a copy of Strange New Words. Because it’s self-published, I get a larger portion of the purchase price than I do on any of my other books, and I get said royalties much sooner as well. I know a lot of you gave to the Kickstarter and thus have a copy already, but if you’re thinking of a holiday gift for the fantasy fans in your life, this would be one good option. You can find the book here, on Amazon, or here, on Smashwords, or here, on DriveThruFiction.

If you’d really prefer to just donate directly, my Paypal e-mail is amarmell@austin.rr.com. Every tiny bit is certainly appreciated. But please do give some thought to picking up the book instead. It feels a little less like I’ve got my hat in my hand.

Thank you, all of you, for everything you’ve done. I hope my work has brought you–or will, in the future, bring you–enough enjoyment to make up for me asking this of you.

Yours in gratitude,

Ari Marmell



–Rodent of the Dark

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  38 Responses to “I need your help”

  1. What is it with this holiday season? It just sucks bad for so many people, like the world took a gigantic dump on a chunk of us and is laughing at some cosmic joke I don’t understand.

    If my husband hadn’t just been laid off and we weren’t paranoid about being able to afford my own medication that keeps me from dying and getting things like food between now and whenever he/I finds a job, I’d help. I really would. As it is, I have nothing to give but support. I get it. I’m in that boat with you. We should commiserate sometime.

    If you ever want to write a guest post for Special Needs in Strange Worlds – thematically appropriate, of course, I’d love to put it up. Maybe that would help get your books/website some traffic? Let me know. Email me if you want to chat about that…. Right now, that’s all I have to give. :/

  2. I may just do that; e-mail you and discuss it, I mean. In the interim, emotional support is always more than welcome. Thank you.

  3. I look forward to your email… and emotional support is always nice. I’m always willing to listen (erm.. read).

  4. In 2003 this could have been a post about me.
    I don’t have any good advice to offer (except maybe jogging, that worked wonders for me) so I bought a copy of Strange New Words.

    Hope things work out.

  5. I’m in a similar situation, but I really don’t have much to offer because it’s made it difficult to get enough work done to amount to something. Good luck on things, and can I join you in beating the snot outta 2013?

  6. Ari,

    I missed the Kickstarter, but I bought a copy of Strange New Worlds last night. I’ll move it up to the top of the TBR pile and will post a review of it ASAP.

    Hang in there.


  7. Having already kickstarted Strange New Words, I have a copy. So instead I gifted a copy to someone else.

    I’d have rather given money directly, but you requested. On the plus side, the person I gifted it to posts reviews of everything he reads, so there’s that too.

    Hope things get better for you, Ari. Things are rough for everyone lately. We’re all in this together.

  8. Done. Hang in there.

  9. Books bought, signal boosted.

    I hope things improve for you soon. I’ve been where you are and my friends helped me through it. Time for me to pay some of that back.

    Looking forward to Strange New Worlds!

  10. Book purchased and money sent. Good luck to you, man!

  11. Do you get more of a kickback from the paperback sale at Amazon or the Kindle? Trying to decide which one is better (since I prefer real, honest-to-goodness books in my hand, but I do have a kindle app since I’m a Prime member) to support you.


  12. Bought. Hope things improve for you :-)

  13. I get a bit more from the Kindle, just due to the way the profit margins are set up, but it’s not a HUGE difference. If you prefer the hardcopy, please don’t feel any pressure to get the other.

    And thank you.

  14. Good luck, mate! As someone who’s had similiar money troubles, I hope you get what’s owed to you soon and get out of the red. It’s frustrating that such a good writer is in this position.

    All the best.

    (PS I look forward to settling down with your book after work today. With a bucket of mulled wine.)

  15. Never came across your work before, but now purchasing a couple of books. Hang in there. I hope you get the payments due you soon, that the issues with your medication are straightened out (it’s amazing how it helps us function and yet can mess us up so badly too), and that you find your way out of this.

  16. Just bought a kindle version. Now, I’ll have something to read while driving to and from work. ;-)

  17. Picked up a copy. Your stuff has been on my list of authors to read for quite sometime. This looks like a good place to start with a variety of stories to spark my own!

  18. Bought. I’m not familiar with your work, But Jeff VanderMeer said you’re good and that’s all I need.

  19. Ari,…

    Do not be ashamed. None of us were meant to face the struggles of life alone. We are social creatures who rely on unity for our strength. And strength is not about never needing help. Strength is about helping others when you can and having the courage to accept allies when you need them. Don’t confuse strength with the need to face everything alone.

    I don’t know you as a novelist nearly as well as I know your name from my role-playing game collection. I can point to your name on my bookshelf more than a couple of times. Most importantly on Cityscape, which I still consider to be the most useful, definitive work on city-building for fantasy RPGs. That poor book is probably my most battered, abused, and broken-spined hardback and it has laid the foundation for several great settings in my home games. My current home game is inspired by the 4E Neverwinter Campaign Setting in its general structure/organization and Cityscape for the setting and I know you were involved in both. So, in a very really way, you’ve helped me and my friends have eight months (so far!) of amazing weekly games.

    Thank you for that. You’re in my thoughts this holiday season. I hope things around for you soon and I am happy to help you as best I can.

  20. PayPal sent. Merry Christmas, Ari. :hug:

  21. As others have said, this post could’ve been about me in late 2011 with only a few words changed. Signal: boosted.

  22. Been there, it blows whales. Strangers were there for me when I needed it, so it’s only fair to pass it along now to another stranger. PayPal sent. :) Brightest blessings!

  23. Picked up a copy – thanks to Rich Burlew for linking me here. Best wishes, and Merry Christmas.

  24. Got the link from Rich Burlew. As someone who has been struggling with long-term health problems I very much sympathize with your situation. Hope things turn around for you!

  25. Saladin Ahmed said you were in need…so there’s another sale of “Strange New Worlds”. I look forward to reading it and offer you all best wishes!

  26. Boom! Purchased! And I added something to the virtual tip jar, because I like your writing, dammit.

    Ari, man – I literally live 10 minutes away from you. You’re a cool guy. If you need any help, be it with bills, food, rent, please let me know. My year’s been better, and I’m happy to share it to make yours the same.

  27. I’m doing…ookish this year. Not amazingly, but no holy shit “can I afford food” moments. So, this thing is going on some gift lists over the next few days. Failing that, I’ll PP some small amount and we can pretend I was buying the book as a gift.

    - G

  28. I admire your honesty. I’m celebrating a bit of good news by buying and gifting your book. May 2014 be brighter for you and yours.

  29. 2013′s been a bitch for us and so many friends. We’ve been smashed pretty hard ourselves with unexpected expenses since before the summer and they won’t be done until the beginning of the new year. Savings has been wiped, and we’ve barely made it check-to-check.
    May 2014 be the inverse of 2013, and all we’ve lost (and more!) may we regain over the next year – both in finances and in health.

  30. Oh, and those of you that have just picked up Ari’s work – are you in for a treat!

  31. I saw your Tweet RT’ed by Rich Burlew, so headed over and picked up Thieves Covenant. I’m finishing up another book right now, but am looking forward to digging into this over the holiday.

  32. In case anyone wants to help but doesn’t have money, I’m gifting a copy of Strange New Words via Smashwords to the first interested commenter on my blog: here. (Extra traffic won’t hurt me, either. *grins*)

  33. Ari, I’ve been in your position more than once. I get paid Friday and will pick up a copies of everything of yours I don’t already have for my Nook then. It’s not a lot, but even a little helps. :)

  34. Ari, I’ve become increasingly convinced that it requires a far greater strength and overall quality of character to ask for help than to resist doing so. In this area (only the latest added to no few others), you’ve got me well out-classed, sir. Plus I can relate on the emotional struggles, too. Anyway, I’m very glad to be able to my small part to help – my singular regret being that it isn’t vastly more.
    May we all band together, each with our rocks and pebbles, and collectively build the mountain that lifts you up where you ought to be. Best wishes to you for the brightest of days come.

  35. You’re a friend of a couple of friends of mine from UH. I know how bad things can happen and how much the meds being off can mess up everything. Good luck and hopes for a better 2014. Books bought (because hey, can always use more books and to help out a friend in need, well bonus.).

  36. Book bought and the rest. Merry Christmas. Hang in there.

  37. Like your writing, and went with the kindle option.

    Best of luck!

  38. I know how hard it is to ask for help, and I like your work too. Just grabbed me a copy from drivethru.. All the very best in the future!

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