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I’m now offering a low-cost fiction critiquing service. Whether you’re an up-and-comer who wants advice, or an experienced pro who just wants a second set of eyeballs, my experience of over a dozen years and a dozen novels makes me your guy.

Please note that I’m just getting this off the ground, and so cannot yet speak to details such as what percentage of client requests I’ll be able to accept, average turnaround times, and so forth.

What do I mean by “critique”?

Basically, I’m offering a less formal variant of a “content edit.” I will offer overall opinions on the work as a whole, perform a basic level of proofreading, and I will look for, and suggest solutions to:

  • plot holes
  • inconsistencies
  • unclear or repetitious description
  • general issues of style

What sorts of jobs do I accept?

I’ll critique basically anything that falls under the umbrella of “speculative fiction.” Fantasy, science-fiction, supernatural horror, steampunk, that sort of thing. Nonfiction, and fiction genres outside the speculative, are outside my wheelhouse.

I’ll accept short-form or long-form fiction, within reasonable parameters. See below.


I charge based on word count, at a level that varies slightly depending on project length. All prices are in US dollars.

Up to 1,000 words: Flat fee of $15.

Up to 10,000 words: Base fee of $15, then 2.5 cents/word for every word beyond the initial 1,000.

10,001 to 40,000 words: Base fee of $200, then 2 cents/word for every word beyond the initial 10,000.

40,001 to 100,000 words: Base fee of $800, then 1.75 cents/word for every word beyond the initial 40,000.

Longer works may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


I vastly prefer working through Paypal, but we can discuss other options. Unless we’ve made other arrangements, I’ll be asking 25% of the fee up front, with the remainder due upon completion. (Longer works may require 50% up front.)

Rush Jobs

I cannot normally provide a guaranteed turnaround time, but if you absolutely must have your critique by a certain date, we can negotiate that for a slight up-charge.

How to request a critique

Solicitations for a story critique must come to me via the following form. Requests sent to other addresses, or entered into other forms, may well not be seen at all.

Please change the subject line to read “Critique [story name]“. (If it doesn’t yet have a name, call it Untitled.) In the body of the e-mail, please provide

  • Your name
  • The approximate word count of the work you want critiqued
  • Genre(s) of the work
  • A brief (one-to-three sentence) description of the story

I’ll contact you and, if I’m able to accept the job, discuss with you total fees, means of delivery, and other requirements.


If and when I request that you send me your manuscript, it must be as either an RTF or a DOC (not DOCX!) file.

Further Questions?

Contact me via the form below. Please change the subject line to read “Critique Questions.” Or you can ask in the comments section, below, if it’s a question you don’t mind discussing publicly.

Important disclaimer! Read before emailing me:

While it’s not common, authors do occasionally have very similar ideas. By clicking this box, or sending me any sort of request for a critique, you are agreeing to hold me blameless if any of my work–past, present, or future–bears any resemblance to the material you sent.

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  2 Responses to “Need Your Fiction Critiqued?”

  1. Ari, I forgot to add this question to the form email I sent you.

    From a business standpoint, would you be willing to allow publishers to use your comments to promote a work being published? If I were to submit a work for critique, could Mischief, Inc. use blurbs from your commentary to accompany advertisement of that product?



  2. Greetings Ari!

    Might you be willing to entice a fellow freelancers dream!? Not only with your valuable expertise in shared interests among such a vast and foreboding market but also with mutual distribution & promotion rights to BOTH our shared IP with this endeavour stands beyond appreciation! Not only would this be a humble beginning to an otherwise illumine future for the both of us respectively but personally it’d be nothing less than a compliment to my resume and an even MORE grand platform to entertain both our particular mixes of culture, belief and doctrince that is otherwise industrially governed. Starting with a rough, rewritten summarized plot we’ll be able to spearhead the seed of creation that IS this project as well as LORE, LEXICON & OVERALL -ISMs,-ALITYs,-OLOGYs we’ll be charged with directing the complete/makeover and re-vamp/continuation of the critically acclaimed DARKSIDERS! With not only a complete and concise plan entailing ROI, cushions/pitfalls, and a slew of dualistic investors that would be more than eager to assist the follow through with enabling this vision, I BESEECH YOU DEAR SIR! Not only would I consider you my #1 right-hand “virtual surrealistic co-author” in tackling this head on, but you’d also join a tight knit circle of future and current innovators, entertainers, colleagues, A&Rs, and public figures that want to help shed their light on the finishing touches on all our plays to this tragic comedy known as living life. Thank you again in advance for your time and I hope to hear from you soon on pursuing this opportunity!

    Ian D. Cirkane

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