Author’s Organizations and Agencies

RPG Sites/Communities

Friends, Neighbors, and Authors

  • Toll Carom – Also one of the best indie bands out there.
  • The Liquid Kitchen – One of the best indie bands out there.
  • R. A. Salvatore – The home page of one of the most famous and prolific writers of both Forgotten Realms and original fantasy fiction.
  • Paul S. Kemp – Best-selling Forgotten Realms and Star Wars author, and all-around nifty guy.
  • – The homepage of one of my best friends, and a great guy to work for.
  • Kevin Hearne – Home page of Keven Hearne, author of the Iron Druid Chronicles.
  • Jennifer Brozek – Author, editor, game designer, blogger.
  • – The personal site of Eugie Foster, professional writer of short fiction and one of my closest ‘net-only (for now) friends. She’s also a skilled web designer, and is responsible for this very site.
  • Chung-Mau Cheng – The homepage of Chung-Mau Cheng, an old friend of mine, a brilliant artist and art director, and the designer of the nifty little Mouseferatu logo you see up above in the banner.


  • Sacred Texts Archive – Only one of the coolest resources on the web, ever.
  • Hunger Site
  • Animal Rescue Site. – There’s a link you can click once per day to donate food for animal shelters. It’s free for you; go do it.
  • About IBS – A fairly good primer on Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a condition I myself suffer from (and a fairly severe case, to boot).
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