Aug 192014

So, a lot of you have seen my 5e Spell Sorter, and I’m really glad so many people are finding it useful. Thanks once again to the generosity of a friend–one who attended GenCon–I’ve had access to the 5e Monster Manual. And so, here we are again.

Ari’s 5e Monster Sorter!

Sort or filter monsters by name, CR, type, subtype (if any), size, alignment (if any), and whether or not the critter’s got Legendary and/or Lair abilities.

You’ll note some monsters appear multiple times. That was because they have more than one subtype or alignment, and I wanted them to appear in both categories should you choose to sort them that way.

As before, please feel free to download, to spread the word, whatever. And by all means, if you catch any errors, do let me know.

Enjoy, folks. :-)

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  13 Responses to “August 20, 2014: Another D&D Gift”

  1. I feel that the CR ratings of fractions like 1/2 or 1/4 should be listed as decimal numbers to sort properly. Outside of that this could come in really handy. Thanks!

  2. Oooh, that’s nifty!

  3. Any way of telling what book these monsters come from? I’m seeing several I don’t have the stats for but would like to, and I don’t know of any books I don’t have yet.

  4. These are all from the 5e Monster Manual.

  5. Much appreciated!

  6. As with your spell sorter, I would love to see Book and Page numbers for each monster, that would make looking up the other details much easier, especially when other Monster Manuals and expansion books come out. Assuming you keep this current and published.

    But it look really nice and I like it. Thanks for creating it.

    James V.

  7. Awesome work! You made up for Wizard’s complete inability to review its products.

  8. Weird. No undead between CR5 (revenant, vampire spawn, wraith, and beholder zombie) and CR13 (vampire).

  9. Awesome work!
    After receiving my DMG, I was very curious to see if you had also made a Magic Item sorter. Since you haven’t, I just finished making one myself. Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send it to you, so you can put it up for anyone to use.
    I’m always happy to contribute to fellow D&D players :)

  10. Hey Sjoerd, any way you could send me that magic item sorter? Email at:
    coldfire77 at gmail dot com

  11. Hey Ari, do you mind if I update this document with the TOB info and put it out? I’ll link to this page (or another if you prefer)!

  12. James, feel free. And a link to just the front page of this web site would be fine. :-)

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