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(Update, Aug 10: Sorter now revised to include subclasses and filtering!  :-D Also, concentration error for mage armor has been fixed.)

(Original post) I didn’t expect to have this done for some time yet, but thanks to the generosity of a local friend who got his Player’s Handbook early, and the fact that I got a massive head start using the free Basic PDF, it’s ready to go. Thus, I present to you:

Ari’s 5e Spell Sorter!

What is it? It’s a spreadsheet listing every spell in the 5th edition Player’s Handbook! It makes sense that the spells are presented alphabetically in the book, but sometimes that makes it hard to search by other details. This spreadsheet allows you to sort by name, level, class, school of magic (you’re welcome, wizards and eldritch knights), by whether or not the spell has a ritual option, and by whether or not the spell requires concentration (you’re welcome, front-line casters).

So have at. Download, spread the word to other gamers, and enjoy.  :-D (And if you discover any errors or omissions, please let me know and I’ll fix them ASAP.)

Note the first: This is just a sortable list. It does not include spell descriptions, mechanics, or summaries. This is meant to enhance the spell chapter of the Handbook, not to replace it.  :-P

Note the second: Two spells are marked with one or more question marks. The paladin’s spell list includes “destructive smite,” but there’s no such spell given. There is a spell called “destructive wave,” which I believe is what the paladin list meant to refer to. The other is “trap the soul,” which appears on the wizard’s spell list but does not seem to be presented in the chapter. (I believe, but am not certain, that it simply got folded into “Imprisonment.”)

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  34 Responses to “August 8, 2014: A special gift for my fellow D&D fans”

  1. Very nice Sheet, thank you for your work.
    But I recommend using multiple Sheets for the different Characters. So there won’t be any doubles because of Wizard and Sorcerer.

  2. Thank you very much for this! You just saved me at least 2 hours of work!

    (Now to go raid my FLGS — they open in 15 minutes!)

  3. Thank you so very much!

  4. Hey – two really quick updates you may want to make:

    1) click on cell a2 and then use “freeze panes”

    2) select the entire range a1:f844, then click on data, and then filter. That way people can easily filter based on whatever criteria they want.

    Thanks so much for the list :-)

  5. Really great, and thanks.
    The only suggestion I have is to add casting times.
    Our group got a little surprised a couple weeks ago with the starter set and finding out that Shield is a Reaction cast time.
    We are still getting surprised now and then by changes in the new rules.

  6. Pretty cool, thanks. What would be even cooler (not necessarily something that YOU would do, but someone with the PHB could add) is five additional columns for various spell components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (Non-Consumable), Material (Consumable) and Material (GP Value). That would allow sorting by those components, which would allow users to figure out which spells they could use a focus/material pouch for, which require costly materials, which have no verbal component (not sure if D&D has any–previous editions only had a few) or no somatic component (nice if a wizard is bound but not gagged).

  7. Mage Armor isn’t a concentration spell. Thanks for all your hard work!

  8. Thank you for this!

  9. Thanks. Very useful piece of work and much appreciated!

  10. This is awesome, and extremely useful. Thank you for sharing with the rest of the community.

  11. Thanks, pretty useful stuff

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  13. Thank you both for the Spell Sorter and the Monster Sorter. Very nicely done!

  14. Thanks, this is great! However, it would be even more useful if it were available as a Google document that people could copy over to their own account. That way it would be available online or offline, great to use at organized play at stores &/or conventions. I didn’t even bother putting a spreadsheet program on my laptop since I use Google Docs for everything now.

  15. Many if not most of the Sorcerer spell list is missing (i.e. you can’t really sort by sorcerer very well)

  16. Are you sure you don’t have a filter turned on? The sorcerer spells should all be there.

  17. I love this list. I checked off every spell in the PHB to see if any were missing. Of the 3 missing, all were Wizard for some reason. Here they are:

    Level 2 – Flaming Sphere
    Level 9 – Astral Projection
    Level 9 – Foresight

  18. I had a filter turned on for Sorcerer, which made me see that the following spells were missing: Acid Splash and Blade ward. I can’t remember which other ones were missing because I’ve added them to the sheet myself, I added 5 spells, and I think others might be missing as well.

  19. I’ve added page reference numbers here. Assuming I haven’t messed up the link.

    Not everyone seems to feel this is a necessary addition, but – alphabetical order or not – the first time I tried to look up every spell on the level 1 Sorcerer spell list I was missing it badly.

    Nice work on the Widdershins novels and Goblin Corps.

  20. One thing that would make this that much better would be Page Numbers from the book, so you can lookup the other details for each entry. But otherwise, Thanks, I can see this being really useful :)

    James V.

  21. I suggest you add an introduction sheet t the spreadsheet and put your name and the website address; both to give yourself credit and because after I download things like this I can never remember where I got it from to go back and get updates :-)

  22. Thanks for the spell sorter. It’s awesome. One minor issue I found is that stone skin is listed as a transmutation spell but it is an abjuration spell.

  23. Thank you for this.

    Would you be able to add a sort by damage type (i.e., acid, bludgeoning, cold, etc.)?

    That would be boss!

    But of course, thanks either way.

  24. I just noticed you have Mage Hand marked as Concentration in the Index, which almost lead me to not take it for my new wizard until I looked it up in the PHB and found it’s not.

  25. These spells do not require concentration:

    Spell Level School Class Sub-Class Ritual? Concentration?
    Enthrall 2 Enchantment Bard N Y
    Flame Strike 5 Evocation Cleric light Domain N Y
    Mage Hand 0 Conjuration Bard N Y
    Magic Circle 3 Abjuration Cleric N Y

  26. to bad no description what they are so i can finish my spell book

  27. I have updated this with the Elemental Evil Guide and have included page numbers and made corrections. It also has racial spells in it./Users/grimess/Desktop/Aris-5E-Spell-Sorter.v4.xlsx

  28. Sammy do you have a download link working for the Elemental Evil spells?

    Thank you for this Ari! I just had this same idea without realizing that something like this already existed, but I made a very similar list using Google Drive:
    I didn’t like seeing all the copies show up when sorting the spell names by name, and I also wanted to see how “unique” or common the spells were among the spellcasters (which is why I added that last column for “# of spellcasters”).
    Anyway, I assume you can download the sheet and sort by the columns for your own purposes, but I thought I would share my work since I find this kind of organization much more helpful than what is presented in the PHB.

  29. Hate to say it, but this class does have magic, Fighter (Eldrich Knight). Nothing i look up has it on there. maybe you could add it on there.

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  31. Amazing work! I really appreciate it, saving me tons of time. I was wondering how you felt about redistribution? Giving you credit of course.

    I’m also adding in the post-PHB spells/adding a Source Book filter as I type :)

  32. Update: I’ve added all the spells that have been released at this time :)

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