Mar 052012

The Suvudu web site (official blog of Del Rey/Spectra) does a yearly Cage Match, wherein they pit various sci-fi/fantasy characters against one another. Last year, Corvis Rebaine was a participant, and lost–inappropriately, I might add :-P –to Severus Snape.

Well, this year, Covis’s daughter, Mellorin (the teenage version from The Warlord’s Legacy, not the 12-year-old from The Conqueror’s Shadow) is a participant. And in her first battle, she’s going up against…

Geez. Anomander Rake, from Steven Eriksson’s Malazon Book of the Fallen series.

Yeah, this is pretty much Mellorin’s first and last round in the competition. 8-O  Heck, I wrote the combat write-up, and I couldn’t justify having her win.

Still, I’d like you all to check it out. You can read about the battle here. And if you feel inclined to vote for Mellorin, just so she can actually make something of a showing, I won’t object. ;-)

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  3 Responses to “March 5, 2012: Mellorin Rebaine vs… holy crap”

  1. Still bitter about the Snape battle, eh, Marmell?


  2. With reason. :-P

    Obviously, he was never going to win on popularity, but he should have won the write-up. Lots of characters in that contest could have beaten Corvis, but Snape ain’t one of ‘em. :-P

  3. Maybe next year we’ll get War vs. Molly Weasley and you’ll get sweet, sweet revenge.


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