Dec 062010

So it’s been a while, but I have a new article out for the D&D Insider. A “Court of Stars” article–that is, articles detailing some of the most infamous and most potent entities of the Feywild–it’s called “The Bramble Queen.” And you can probably figure out at least the basic gist just from the name. I’m really pleased with how this one came out; take a gander, let me know what you think.

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Dec 032010

So if you’re still dithering as to whether to pick up The Conqueror’s Shadow, perhaps this will help you make up your mind: a 50-page excerpt, available from the Suvudu site (Random House’s blog), absolutely free. No charge, no obligation; just a free sample. Just click and read.

And if you decide you like it, remember that the paperback edition of the book comes out in less than a month. :-)

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Dec 012010

Presented for your enjoyment, the cover to my upcoming novel The Goblin Corps. Illustrated by the esteemed and amazing Lucas Graciano.

The book isn’t due out until third quarter next year, but it’s available for preorder now from several online vendors. (And of course, if you don’t care to wait that long, remember that The Conqueror’s Shadow is available in hardcover now, and due out in paperback next month.)

The Goblin Corps_Final Front Cover

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Nov 292010

Hey, all. Hope those of you who celebrate it had a fun, fantastic, and food-filled Thanksgiving.

As the holiday gift-giving season is now barreling down on us like a rhinoceros being chased by a freight train, I thought I would offer a gentle reminder that The Conqueror’s Shadow is due out in paperback late next month–just in time for a (very slightly belated ;-) ) Hanukkah and/or Christmas gift. And it’s available for preorder now, so you don’t need to wait and risk forgetting at the last minute.

Aren’t I helpful? ;-)

I’ll also be running a new contest soon, with more chances to win a number of signed books, so keep your eyes open.

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Nov 182010

Esteemed fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind, is doing a charity drive called “Worldbuilders,” to support Heifer International. He’s also giving a number of novels to selected folks who donate, including–among many other books by any other people–both The Conqueror’s Shadow and The Warlord’s Legacy. Click on over to his blog, and take a look. It’s a chance to do some real good, and possibly win a heap of fiction in the process.

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Nov 082010

Some of you may have already noticed, if you’ve looked at the tabs above, but I’ve added a new section to my web site. The Free Fiction tab takes you to a page that consolidates all the–surprise, surprise–free fiction that I’m offering. It includes links to several short stories and even a full length novel, all either available for download or to read online.

Now, this isn’t brand new material. It’s all been available, and linked from various sections of my site, for a while now. But since some folks may not have found ‘em in the various other sections, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to call out their availability.

Hope you guys find something you like.

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Oct 252010

I’ve just added two new short stories to my list. “Tithe” is my contribution to the Human Tales anthology, while “Twenty-One-Oh” is my contribution to Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero, a combination fiction and anthology and musical soundtrack. You can click around to see more about each of ‘em.

I’m actually not certain when either anthology is due out on shelves, but I’ll let people know as soon as I do.

I hope to have more news–both short story-related and other–in the near future. Check back, same mouse time, same mouse channel.

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Oct 232010

The upcoming issue of Black Gate (that’s number 15, I believe) contains a review of The Conqueror’s Shadow. While I don’t expect any of you to pick it up just for that, if you’re at all a fan of sword-and-sorcery fiction, you owe it to yourself to check BG out. It’s one of the finest sources of short fantasy fiction around today.

And speaking of The Conqueror’s Shadow, I want to remind everyone that the mass market paperback printing is available for pre-order right now, and should be hitting shelves at the end of December–making it a perfect book to order as a holiday gift for your friends and relatives. (Plug, plug, plug. ;-) ) Seriously, if you’ve wanted to take a look but didn’t want to pay for the hardcover–well, as they say, someday your prints will come. And that day has arrived.

(I know. Bad, Ari. Bad! No biscuit!)

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Oct 142010

So I realized that I haven’t talked much about this yet, but I was recently part of a project called Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero,  combination musical CD and short story anthology.

You can check out some of the basics at the link above, and if you’d like to be part of the kickstarter campaign, you can see the details here.

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Oct 102010

If any of you are in or near the Austin area, you might want to swing by Dragon’s Lair next Saturday (the 16th) for their Halloween event. In addition to various other goodies and events, a number of authors will be there for signings, including Gabrielle Faust, Matthew Sturges, Victor Gischler, and a number of others–including myself.

Dragon’s Lair should have most of my current edition gaming material (D&D 4E and Vampire: the Requiem), if you want to pick up something to get signed while you’re there. But they don’t carry much in the way of fiction, so if you want me to sign The Conqueror’s Shadow or Agents of Artifice, you’ll probably want to run by a bookstore before heading over.

You can find out more details of their Halloween event here. Hope to see some of you there.

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