Jul 182010

So, been a while without much news. Let’s see…

The Tomb of Horrors 4e is out, in at least some locations, and should be more or less everywhere next week. This mega-adventure can be played without any knowledge of the prior adventures, but for those who are familiar with them, it serves as something of a sequel to both the 1st edition original Tomb and 2nd edition’s Return to the Tomb of Horrors. It’s heavily inspired by both, involves some familiar locations, and is absolutely full of new encounters–some combat, yes, but also traps, challenges, and puzzles in the vein of Acererak’s old tricks. If you’re a 4E player, pick it up; I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I’m afraid that I will not be attending GenCon this year–for the first time since before it moved to Indy. :-( I’m sorry I’ll be missing everyone. I still might be doing DragonCon; dunno yet. More on that soon.

And I think that’s about it right now, news-wise. Again, I’m hoping to have more shortly, but, well, not yet.

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Jun 102010

And the Best of the Worst contest has its winners!

Congratulations to Stella Evans and David Earle! Stella will be receiving a signed copy of The Warlord’s Legacy (as soon as it’s released), while David will be receiving that and signed copies of The Goblin Corps and Agents of Artifice.

My sincerest thanks to everyone who participated. And don’t despair if you didn’t win. I’m sure I’ll be doing more contests in the not-too-distant future.

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Jun 032010

Well, folks, the Best of the Worst contest is now over. Thanks so much to all who participated. I’ll be notifying and then announcing the winners in the near future.

Other than that, not much news to report just yet, but I hope to have a few big announcements before too much longer.

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May 262010

Ooh, what’s this? Mysterious, yet cryptic. 8-)

More info to come. Stay tuned; same mouse-time, same mouse-channel.

Other than that, not much news to report, other than that I’ve finished the first draft on my current novel–details of which will also be forthcoming–and a reminder that you now have less than a week left to enter the Best of the Worst contest. If you’ve been delaying–don’t!

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May 062010

The Conqueror’s Shadow is now available for pre-order in mass market paperback! :-D

If you’ve been interested in the book but haven’t wanted it in hardcover or e-format, you can now go ahead and order it in standard paperback size. It won’t be released in that format for quite some time yet–December, I believe–but several of the major booksellers already have it listed.

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Apr 222010

So, what’s new in the news? Or news in the new? Or something?

First, I have some new D&D material out. The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea came out earlier this month. I wrote a lot less of this one than I did Plane Below, but I’m quite happy with my contribution, and with the book as a whole. I’ve also got two articles in this month’s Dragon: Class Acts: Druid and Underhanded and Overconfident.

Flames Rising has posted an excerpt of The Conqueror’s Shadow, if you’re interested in taking a gander at part of the book.

You might notice there’s a new tab up above. I’ll be making this site the new central repository for most of my blogging. However, it’ll still be cross-posting to LiveJournal and Facebook (and I’ll still be making a few posts there that I don’t feel are appropriate to this site). So don’t worry; if you follow me on those sites, I’ll still be there.

And finally, don’t forget that my Best of the Worst contest is still going on. Take a look, and think about entering. :-)

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Apr 132010

Got yet another interview up. This one is quite possibly the most in-depth Q&A I’ve done thus far; if you’ve any interest at all in (among other things) my thoughts on writing and coming up with novels, my inspirations, writers I like, or my future works, you may well want to give it a read.

Don’t forget to check out the rules of my current contest while you’re at it.

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Apr 092010

Spectra Pulse, the e-newsletter for Random House’s Spectra imprint, is including me as a featured author this month. What does that mean for you? It means that, in addition to reading some of my editor’s comments on The Conqueror’s Shadow, you can also download a free PDF of my short story, “The Ogre’s Pride.” This story is a tie-in to The Conqueror’s Shadow, but you don’t need to have read one to enjoy the other.

Give it a look-see; I think you’ll enjoy it. :-)

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Apr 072010

It’s time for another contest! :-D

Click here for entry rules, and you could win a signed copy of one–or possibly three–of my novels.

Good luck.

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Apr 022010

I’ve been asked by several people what my release schedule looks like, novel-wise, so here we go:

The Warlord’s Legacy–January-ish, 2011.

The Goblin Corps–3rd or early 4th quarter, 2011.

Household Gods–not sure, but probably in 2012.

And the paperback printing of The Conqueror’s Shadow should be 1st quarter 2011, but if you really loved me, you’d buy the hardcover now. ;-)

Also, not sure how many of you have noticed the “Blogs/Columns” menu down there at the bottom left, but I’m on Twitter, Facebook, and Live Journal. I’d love for more of you to join me.

THE WARLORD’S LAMENT: January-ish, 2011
THE GOBLIN CORPS: 3rd or early 4th quarter, 2011
HOUSEHOLD GODS: ??? (But probably 2012)
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