Mar 152010

So a few things today. First, I have a guest column up at SF Signal, wherein I discuss antiheroes, classic fantasy tropes, and the use of the latter in writing the former. I’d love for you all to take a look, see what you think.

Second, The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea comes out next month. If you’re running a planar campaign in your D&D game, you could do worse than give it a look.

And finally, I’ll be attending the Comicpalooza convention in Houston at the end of this month. I’m absolutely thrilled to have been invited, especially given the absolutely fantastic guest list. (I’ve been biting my lip to keep from squealing like a 1960s teenager at a Beatles concert.) I don’t know my precise schedule yet–I’ll post it as soon as I do–but I’ll be doing book signings and sitting in on a couple of panels. I hope to have the chance to meet some of you there.

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Mar 042010

Hey, folks. First, a quick request. If you are a pro or semi-pro cartographer, and if you’ve read, are reading, or are planning to read The Conqueror’s Shadow, I’d like to have a (for the moment) hypothetical conversation with you. Please e-mail me via the Contact tab.

Second, I’m ready to announce the winner of the My Name of the King Contest. :-) And the winner is…

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Mar 042010

So it appears that I’ll be attending Comicpalooza in Houston at the end of March.  Not yet entirely certain what my schedule looks like, but as soon as I know, you folks will know. I hope to see/meet some of you there.

And in other news, my Name of the King contest is now over. Many thanks to all who submitted; I’ll be announcing the winner shortly.

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Mar 022010

Okay, folks. Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (March 3rd) is the final day to enter my Name of the King contest. Get those last-minute entries in now!

Also, I just did another interview, for thems who’s interested. This one’s a little–er, a lot–tongue in cheek, except my comments on the book itself.

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Feb 242010

So for those of you who might be interested, I’ve got an interview up on Suvudu (the Random House blog site). I talk a bit about the inspirations behind The Conqueror’s Shadow, what I learned from RPG writing, what’s next for me, and similar stuff.

I hope you’ll check it out. And thanks to Matt Staggs for asking the questions.

(I hope to be doing several more interviews around the net in the near future; more on those as they happen.)

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Feb 232010

And this is it, folks. :-D

As of today, The Conqueror’s Shadow is officially available. You can find it on any of the various online vendors (links on the page for the novel itself), and you should be able to pick it up at any major bookstore.

My sincerest thanks to everyone–family, friends, coworkers, editors, and readers–for helping me get this far. I hope you enjoy the book, and I hope you’ll all be with me for many years to come.

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Feb 022010

Hey, folks. As we come ever nearer the release of The Conqueror’s Shadow, I want to take a moment to look ahead to other novels–and to offer a contest regarding one of them. :-)

I need your help in coming up with a name–well, technically a title–for a character in my upcoming novel, The Goblin Corps. You could win both an acknowledgment in the book and a free, signed copy of either The Goblin Corps or The Conqueror’s Shadow.

Click here for details.

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with. :-)

Additionally, Expeditious Retreat’s Freeport Companion for 4E is out now.

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Jan 192010

Hey, folks. Next week, I’ll be participating in an online RP session with other Random House authors and a few selected fans, but open to watch by pretty much anyone.  Details available here.

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Jan 062010

Hello, folks, and welcome to a new year and–depending on how you interpret your calendar–a new decade. I hope you all had a great holiday season.

As we enter 2010, I’ve got a new D&D book available: The Plane Below. This book, which presents the Elemental Chaos to DMs, is my first time serving as lead designer on a WotC book. Here’s hoping everyone finds it enjoyable.

I’ve got a large article coming up in Dungeon Online as well, as part of the Domains of Dread series. Link to that forthcoming as soon as it goes live.

I’ve also finally hopped aboard Twitter. You can follow me there, as well as on my LJ and Facebook. I don’t expect to be tweeting all that often–mostly professional announcements and the like–but still, if you’re on Twitter, I’d love to have you aboard.

Last but not least, we’re at T -7 weeks until the release of The Conqueror’s Shadow. I am, as you may well imagine, getting rather frantically psyched.

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Dec 082009

I’ve just sold another novel. 8-)

Pyr–the sci-fi/fantasy imprint of Prometheus books–will be publishing my novel The Goblin Corps. Too early yet in the process to discuss release dates or anything, but as soon as I know, you’ll know.

This makes Pyr the second publisher, after Bantam, to which I’ve sold an original (non-shared-world) novel. The official announcement can be found here.

This, as I’m sure you can well imagine, makes Ari a happy boy.

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