Apr 252012

Well, with news of the Darksiders II videogame being delayed a few months, I suppose this news shouldn’t have surprised me. Darksiders: the Abomination Vault is being pushed back to a late July release.

Yeah, I’m disappointed, too. But I hope you guys will find it to have been worth the wait.

(Obviously, this means the novel will not be available at the Dragon’s Lair signing I mentioned earlier. But plenty of my other books should be.)

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Apr 252012

Hey, guys. Been a while since my last update.

The first part of my four-part serial “Hell or High Water” is now up on the Paizo web site. Set in Golarion–the primary setting of the Pathfinder RPG–”Hell or “High Water” takes place in the jungles of Mwangi and the flooded reaches of the Sodden Lands. Hope you guys like what I’ve done with the place. :-)

Check back in a week for part two.

Also, if you’re in/near Austin, and are interested, Keith Baker (creator of the Eberron setting, the Gloom card game, and much more) and I will be doing a joint signing at Dragon’s Lair. This happens on Wednesday, May 23rd, starting at around 6-ish. The store should have several of my novels available–including, if things go according to plan, Darksiders: the Abomination Vault–and of course, they have quite a few of the RPG books that I (and Keith) worked on, as well. Really hope to see some of you there.

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Apr 032012

Well, it’s public now, so I can mention it here, too.

If you pre-order Darksiders: the Abomination Vault, you’ll also receive access to a free code that can be used with Darksiders II to unlock a special weapon that appears in both the novel and the game. :-D

Pre-orders are available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, for hard copy, Nook, and Kindle. Current release date is May 15th, or thereabouts.

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Mar 272012

I posted about these on my various social networks, but forgot to do so here. D’oh!

Over on Terrible Minds (Chuck Wendig’s page), I’ve got a fairly comprehensive interview. Talks about a lot of different things, from Thief’s Covenant to my writing style to public criticism to, um, some Rapunzel apocrypha. You can read that here.

Second, if you’re really not sick of hearing from me yet, I did a podcast with Shaun over at Adventures in Sci-Fi. It’s not exactly short, but we talked about a lot of (hopefully) interesting stuff. That one’s over here.

Otherwise, not much new as of yet. Those of you who won books from me in the Crossing the Streams contest should have them shortly, if they haven’t arrived already. Keep an eye out for ‘em.

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Mar 082012

So all the authors involved in the Crossing the Streams contest pooled our entrants, and our single super-winner has been determined.

Congratulations, David J. Fortier! You win a signed book from each and every participating author! :-D

Dave won, for those who are interested in such details, via his entry to Jon Sprunk’s portion of the contest. Jon and Pyr Books have just released the third book in his Shadows trilogy, so go check him out. He’s worth reading.

Thank you, again, to everyone who entered. You made this whole experiment a blast, and we’re almost certain to be doing this again at some point in the not too distant future. :-)

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Mar 062012

What follows is the tentative cover copy/blurb for False Covenant, the second Widdershins novel. Some of the more clever among you might have already figured that out from the subtle clues hidden in the headline.

A warning before you read this, though. It does include some spoilers–regarding some particular character deaths–from the first novel, Thief’s Covenant. If you haven’t read the first one yet, and you don’t like having some substantial plot points spoiled for you in advance, you may want to hold off on reading this.

Continue reading »

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Mar 052012

So, I’ve selected my two “local” winners from the Crossing the Streams contest!

Charles Roburn and Michael J. Winegar (who also apparently won one of Howard Jones’ books; told you it was possible to win more than one author’s contest  ;-) ) will each be receiving a signed copy of one of my novels. Congrats, guys, and thanks so much to everyone who entered.

Announcement of the big, contest-wide “super-winner” to come shortly.

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Mar 052012

The Suvudu web site (official blog of Del Rey/Spectra) does a yearly Cage Match, wherein they pit various sci-fi/fantasy characters against one another. Last year, Corvis Rebaine was a participant, and lost–inappropriately, I might add :-P –to Severus Snape.

Well, this year, Covis’s daughter, Mellorin (the teenage version from The Warlord’s Legacy, not the 12-year-old from The Conqueror’s Shadow) is a participant. And in her first battle, she’s going up against…

Geez. Anomander Rake, from Steven Eriksson’s Malazon Book of the Fallen series.

Yeah, this is pretty much Mellorin’s first and last round in the competition. 8-O  Heck, I wrote the combat write-up, and I couldn’t justify having her win.

Still, I’d like you all to check it out. You can read about the battle here. And if you feel inclined to vote for Mellorin, just so she can actually make something of a showing, I won’t object. ;-)

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Mar 012012

Or at least, it is here.

Thus, the Crossing the Streams contest, or at least my portion of it, comes to a close. Which, on the plus side, means you guys get to stop hearing incessant reminders about it–at least until we run the next one. ;-)

Thank you so much to all the fans who entered, and to all the other authors who participated. And keep an eye out; we’ll be announcing winners (both individual site winners and our single super-winner) starting in the next few days.

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Feb 272012

So, the Foreshadows: Ghosts of Zero anthology–which includes “Twenty-One-Oh,” my own short story, as well as tales by a huge number of truly talented writers–is finally available. This project is not just a book, but also a CD of original music, each piece having inspired, or at least thematically linked, with one of the stories. Take a gander; it’s worth the look.

Also, because I’ve been asked recently, I want to say something about both Darksiders: the Abomination Vault and Agents of Artifice. In both cases, I tried very hard to make the books accessible to newcomers, so you shouldn’t need to be familiar with the properties (either Darksiders or Magic: the Gathering) to read the books. There will be a few details/references that you won’t get–no way to eliminate that factor entirely and still be faithful to the setting–but it shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the novel as a whole.

And finally, you have two more days–until midnight on Wednesday–to enter the Crossing the Streams multi-author, multi-book contest. If you haven’t yet, you really should. Really. Go do that. Now, even.

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