Aug 022011

…to all my German-speaking readers, and readers-to-be. :-D

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Aug 012011

If you’re going to be in/around the Austin area on the evening of Wednesday the 17th, I’ll be doing a book signing at Dragon’s Lair.

(If you’re not in/around the Austin area, I’ll still be doing the signing. Just in case you were wondering. :-P )

I’m happy to sign anything of mine that you might care to bring, and the store should have copies of The Goblin Corps available for sale, as well as a great many of the RPG books I’ve worked on. Further, the new Neverwinter campaign setting will have just come out, and should be available for purchase as well.

Be there or, well, I won’t see you there.

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Jul 122011

Okay, so I promised that the aforementioned excerpt–which was previously accessible only via the Goblin Corps Facebook page–would soon be available for everyone. And here it is! Click, download, read!

This excerpt includes the entirety of the prologue and Chapter One. (This book has long chapters.) And I can absolutely guarantee that, once you’ve read it, you’ll assuredly, 100% either buy the book or not.

(Oddly, I have a slight preference for the former. :mrgreen: )

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Jul 062011

I’ve decided to make a chunk of The Goblin Corps available for your perusal, absolutely free.

At the moment, it’s only available through the Goblin Corps Facebook page. (And if you haven’t joined it yet, you should go do that. RIGHT NOW!) I realize this leaves out those of you don’t use FB, but fret not. This is just a bit of an advance peak for people on that page. I’ll be making the excerpt available to everyone else in the very near future. :-)

And this is no wussy little 10-page teaser, oh, no. I’m offering the entirety of the prologue and chapter one–about 74 pages-worth. So get to readin’!

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Jul 052011

Hey, guys. Hope those of you who celebrate it had a great holiday weekend. (Those of you who don’t celebrate are welcome to have had a great weekend, too. ;-) )

So, a number of things. First off, I don’t have a schedule yet, but I will be attending both ArmadilloCon and Dragon*Con this year. More when I know it, but I hope to see some of you there.

Second, the latest “Take Five” entry over at Suvudu–a series in which writers discuss five (hopefully) interesting facts or details about their work–is about The Goblin Corps. If you’re interested in learning more about the book, you can do so by clicking here.

And speaking of The Goblin Corps, there’s a new Goblin Corpse Facebook page, hosted by Cræosh. There’s not a lot there yet, but by all means, if you’re an FB user, join up. I’ll be posting more stuff there as time goes on.

Also, check out this awesome Goblin Corps recruitment poster, courtesy of the esteemed Claudio Pozas. If there’s enough interest, I may well make this available for purchase as a poster and/or tee-shirt. Any takers?

Finally, I’d like to try something new on my blog. It’s called “Ask the Author,” and if there’s enough interest, I may make it a recurring feature. Take a look here, and if you like the idea, ask away. :-)

And I think that’s it for genuine news. In more vague terms, I should have some pretty interesting info in the near future, involving some future projects (original and tie-in), but I can’t go into ‘em yet. Soon, my precious…

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Jun 272011

My very first published novel, released back in… um, 2004 (holy crap, I’m getting old), was Gehenna: the Final Night. A tie-in novel for White Wolf, it was the final book in the Vampire: the Masquerade fiction line.

It’s been largely unavailable for the past six years, unless you wanted to buy it used, but no more! DriveThruRPG has it available, either as a PDF or as a print-on-demand paperback. You can take a look by clicking here.

I don’t know how much appeal this will have to anyone who wasn’t a V:tM fan. It’s pretty heavily steeped in the canon of that game. And as it was my first published novel, it’s not quite as polished as my more recent work. All that said, I’m still really proud of how it came out, and I’m delighted that it’s available again for any of you who want it. :-D

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Jun 262011

The kind folks over at the Night Bazaar asked me to do a guest blog to kick off their “Pet Peeves in Writing” week, and since two things I can never talk about enough are A) writing, and B) things that annoy me, I jumped at the chance.

Those of you who have read my prior blogs/columns will find this a familiar topic, but an unfamiliar refrain on said topic.

Check it out here.

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Jun 202011

So, I’m not sure if the official release date changed or what, but The Goblin Corps is already available from multiple online vendors, as well as many bookstores. If you’ve been waiting for this one, well, wait no longer. And if you haven’t been, get it anyway. ;-)

(BTW, I don’t know exactly when it’ll be available for Kindle/Nook/other e-books, but I know that it will be.)

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Jun 152011

Hey, folks. If you’re on Twitter, and you’re at all interested, I’ll be participating in a chat on fantasy and world-building tomorrow (Thursday) at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. Said chat will be organized/moderated by the folks at Book Country, and also includes urban fantasy writer Anton Strout.

If you want to follow along, use the #bookcountry hash tag. Hope to see some of you there. :-)

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May 222011

Okay, as mentioned previously, I should be in Houston this coming weekend for Comicpalooza. (So will a bunch of much cooler people, too.) For those who are interested, I have my tentative schedule–subject, as always, to alterations, changes, and additions.


12:00 PM to 1:00 PM: Author signing, at the Blue Willow booth.

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM: Writing for Publication Panel (room 310 A), along with Ethan Rose and Steven Brust(!!).


12:00 PM to 1:00 PM: Author signing, at the Blue Willow booth.

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM: From Idea to Story Panel (room 320 F), along with Christopher Dunbar, Heather Dunbar, and Joe R. Lansdale(!!).


Either 12:oo PM to 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM; I’m actually not certain which :oops: : Author signing, at the Blue Willow booth, along with Steven Brust.


I think I’ll be playing in one of the Ashes of Athas Dark Sun games, but I’m not sure when or which one. More details on this–and, as I said, potential changes/additions to the above schedule–as I learn of them.

I’m told that the book vendors at the con should have The Conqueror’s Shadow and The Warlord’s Legacy available, if you want to pick them up there and get ‘em signed. (And of course, if you already have a copy–of those or anything else I’ve worked on–I’m happy to sign those, too.) I hope to see some (a lot) of you there.

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