Aug 202011

The Goblin Corps is now available on the Nook, from Barnes & Noble. Click here. :-)

(And don’t forget, it’s available on the Amazon Kindle, as well.)

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Aug 162011

Been a while since I announced one of these, but I’ve got a new RPG book (as opposed to a novel or short story) out and available!

The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is ostensibly a Forgotten Realms supplement, but it can be pretty much used as the basis for an entire heroic-tier campaign in its own right. I worked on this one alongside Matt Sernett and Erik Scott “Many Names” de Bie.

I’m psyched at how well the book came out. It’s also got thematic ties to this season of D&D Encounters, as well as several forthcoming novels and a PC/console game, but again, you needn’t have any of those to use the campaign book itself.

Also, last reminder before the day. Signing. Dragon’s Lair. Tomorrow. 6:00 PM. Be there or, uh, don’t.

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Aug 152011

Okay, what’ve we got this Monday morning? (Besides a burning desire that it not be Monday morning, I mean.)

First, I’ve got a couple of new columns up. On the Pyr Books blog, some thoughts on the use of language in fantasy novels. I don’t mean made-up languages, like Tolkien’s Elvish and the like, I mean English.

For you gamers, some ruminations about my preferred playstyle and the use of plot without railroading in D&D and other RPGs, over on ENWorld.

The Broken Time Blues anthology, a book of fantasy, supernatural, and otherwise fantastic short stories set in the roaring 20s, is now available at Amazon. This includes my own short story, “The Purloined Ledger,” but you should buy it anyway. ;-)

Finally, just a bunch of reminders:

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Aug 132011

Hey, folks. Got my tentative schedule for ArmadilloCon, where I hope to be seeing a great many of you.

Friday, 8:00-9:00 PM, Trinity Room: Panel, Building a Fictional Society from the Ground Up.

Saturday, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM, Dealer’s Room: Signing (if you can see any of us behind the line for Scott Lynch).

Saturday, 1:00 PM-2:00 PM, Trinity Room: Pyr Presentation. I’m not actually a formal part of this one–it’s entirely Lou Anders’ show–but I intend to be there, since A) I’ve got books out and forthcoming with Pyr, and B) they’re a great publisher.

Saturday, 4:00 PM-5:00 PM, Trinity Room: Panel, Learning From Others’ Mistakes (Writing Errors to Avoid).

Saturday, 5:00 PM-6:00 PM, Sabine Room: Panel, The Second Book is Always the Hardest.

I’ll be around at other times as well, but those are the places I specifically plan to be, if you want to swing by and say hi, or (for some bizarre reason) care to listen to anything I have to say.

A few quick reminders:

I’ll be signing at Dragon’s Lair on Wednesday the 17th, starting at 6:00 PM. They’ll have copies of The Goblin Corps available, as well as the new Neverwinter campaign setting and plenty of my other gaming books. And you’re welcome to bring your own books for me to sign, too; just make sure the folks at the store know you brought ‘em with you.

And don’t forget my easiest contest ever is still going on. It’s a breeze to enter, and you’ve got an equally good shot at winning whether you’re a long-term fan or have never read a single word of my work. Good luck!

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Aug 102011

Okay, guys, it’s finally available. Goblin Corps. On Kindle. Click here.

(Nook and other formats coming shortly.)

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Aug 092011

It’s contest time again, folks! And this time, I’ve made it really, really easy. Whether you’re a fan of my books or have never read a word I’ve written, you’re equally applicable.

Find full rules and contest details here. And good luck. :-)

(Also, quick reminder. I’ll be doing a signing at Dragon’s Lair on the evening of the 17th. If you’re in the Austin area, I’d love for you to swing by.)

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Aug 062011

Earlier this evening, I got an e-mail, via the website, from someone who had just picked up The Goblin Corps and had a question about it. (You also mentioned Dungeons & Dragons.) And I accidentally clicked where I didn’t mean to, and deleted the darn thing. :oops:

If that was you, my sincere apologies, and please resend.

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Aug 022011

…to all my German-speaking readers, and readers-to-be. :-D

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Aug 012011

If you’re going to be in/around the Austin area on the evening of Wednesday the 17th, I’ll be doing a book signing at Dragon’s Lair.

(If you’re not in/around the Austin area, I’ll still be doing the signing. Just in case you were wondering. :-P )

I’m happy to sign anything of mine that you might care to bring, and the store should have copies of The Goblin Corps available for sale, as well as a great many of the RPG books I’ve worked on. Further, the new Neverwinter campaign setting will have just come out, and should be available for purchase as well.

Be there or, well, I won’t see you there.

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Jul 122011

Okay, so I promised that the aforementioned excerpt–which was previously accessible only via the Goblin Corps Facebook page–would soon be available for everyone. And here it is! Click, download, read!

This excerpt includes the entirety of the prologue and Chapter One. (This book has long chapters.) And I can absolutely guarantee that, once you’ve read it, you’ll assuredly, 100% either buy the book or not.

(Oddly, I have a slight preference for the former. :mrgreen: )

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