Feb 272012

So, the Foreshadows: Ghosts of Zero anthology–which includes “Twenty-One-Oh,” my own short story, as well as tales by a huge number of truly talented writers–is finally available. This project is not just a book, but also a CD of original music, each piece having inspired, or at least thematically linked, with one of the stories. Take a gander; it’s worth the look.

Also, because I’ve been asked recently, I want to say something about both Darksiders: the Abomination Vault and Agents of Artifice. In both cases, I tried very hard to make the books accessible to newcomers, so you shouldn’t need to be familiar with the properties (either Darksiders or Magic: the Gathering) to read the books. There will be a few details/references that you won’t get–no way to eliminate that factor entirely and still be faithful to the setting–but it shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying the novel as a whole.

And finally, you have two more days–until midnight on Wednesday–to enter the Crossing the Streams multi-author, multi-book contest. If you haven’t yet, you really should. Really. Go do that. Now, even.

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Feb 242012

As it has now been revealed (on the Darksiders twitter feed, among other places), I would like to present… Well, this. :mrgreen:

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Feb 222012

After a slight delay, I’m pleased to announce that Thief’s Covenant is now available on the Nook e-reader! (And for the same price–less than half cover–as the Kindle edition.)

So if you’ve been waiting, wait no longer. And if you haven’t been waiting, heck, by a second one. ;-)

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Feb 162012

I’ve just completed a short story set in Golarion, the primary Pathfinder campaign setting. :-D “Hell or High Water” will be appearing in four parts as part of their serialized web-fiction series, probably around July (give or take). It was a hell of a lot of fun to write, James Sutter is a blast to work with, and I’m looking forward to doing more of this as time and scheduling allow.

(Hopefully this will finally convince people that it’s possible to like both WotC/D&D 4th edition and Paizo/Pathfinder at the same time.) ;-)

In the interim, my recurring February reminders: Thief’s Covenant is now out and on shelves (as well as available on Kindle for a steal, and coming soon on Nook). If you’re still on the fence, the prologue is available as an excerpt over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.

Also, the Crossing the Streams multi-author giveaway runs for another couple of weeks. So go enter already!

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Feb 142012

And Thief’s Covenant is out! Not coming soon. Not available for preorder. Officially released into the world. :-D

Find it on shelves, have it shipped today, or get it right now on Kindle. (For, I would remind you, less than half the cover price, at least for the moment.) It’s not out on Nook yet, but I believe that’s coming soon.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new book and help me make this my biggest release day yet, would you? I’d sure appreciate it. :-)

(And also, here’s your semi-regular reminder to check out the multi-author Crossing the Streams contest, if you haven’t done so already. It’s worth your time, I promise.)

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Feb 092012

Interested in reading the prologue to Thief’s Covenant? Head on over to Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist for blurb and excerpt both. Thanks much to Patrick and co. for hosting this. :-)

If you like what you see, the book’s out in a few days and is available for preorder and multiple venues. If you want it on Kindle, that version’s currently available for preorder for less than half the book’s cover price.

And I’m going to take the opportunity to once again remind you about the Crossing the Streams multi-author giveaway, in which you could win a book, or over fifteen books. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?

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Feb 042012

Been waiting for Thief’s Covenant to appear on Kindle? Wait no more! Well, wait only a little more. It’s pre-order thus far, but at least it’s up and ready for clicking. (And at a really good price, too.) So clicky here.

(More e-formats, and availability at more vendors, coming soon.)

And don’t forget to enter the Crossing the Streams give-away, where you can win signed books from over 15 different authors. :-D

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Feb 012012

I’ve run contests before, but never anything remotely like this. I said I had a few more major announcements coming? This is one of ‘em. :-)

Allow me to present to you the Crossing the Streams Contest. Running from now to the end of February, this contest–or rather, series of linked contests–involves not only myself, but about fifteen other authors. Most winners will win a signed book, from the author whose contest they won. (And yes, you can enter more than one author’s contest.) But one of you? A single lucky “super-winner” will receive a free signed book from each and every author involved.

Yep, really. :mrgreen:

Click on over to the contest page, not only for rules on how to enter the contest here on my site, but links to the contest pages of everyone else involved. (A few of them may not quite be live yet, if you’re clicking on these on our first day, but try again in a couple of hours.) Get going, and good luck. :-)

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Jan 312012

So, for a while now, I’ve been talking about a tie-in novel that I’ve been writing. I said it was for a property that I’d never worked with before, and that it was the first novel attached to said property. Well, I’m finally allowed to talk a little about it.

How many of you are fans of the Darksiders series of games? :-D

Set millennia before either of these games, Darksiders: The Abomination Vault is the first novel to explore the past activities and development of the Four Horsemen (only some of whom even vaguely resemble anything Biblical), servants of the Charred Council and protectors of the Balance between Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil. You can find out a little more about it over at the official announcement.

This book was an absolute blast to write. It’s easily the most cinematic/action-oriented of my books thus far, and I’ve tried to make sure it’s accessible even to people who aren’t familiar with the games. I really hope you guys have as much fun with this as I did. :-)

More when I’m allowed to reveal more. (And also more announcements, unrelated to this one, in the near future.)

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Jan 302012

Hey, folks. Hope you’ve been having a good new year thus far.

Although it’s a bit early, Thief’s Covenant is now available from some online vendors. If you’ve been waiting to get this one, wait no more. Links to the major online sellers can be found on the book’s own page.

(Oh, and yes, there will be Kindle, Nook, and other e-versions. They’re just not up yet.)

Second, Tales of the Far West, a short story anthology to which I contributed–along with quite a few other amazing authors, including Scott Lynch!!–is also available in e-formats, with print coming shortly. Click on over to that page for details.

Finally, keep on eye on this site. I have a couple of major announcements coming in the next few days. :-)

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