About Ari

When Ari Marmell has free time left over between feeding cats and posting on social media, he writes a little bit. His work includes novels, short stories, role-playing games, and video games, all of which he enjoyed in lieu of school work when growing up. He’s the author of the Mick Oberon gangland-fantasy-detective series, the Widdershins YA fantasy series, The Goblin Corps, and many others, with publishers such as Del Rey, Pyr Books, Wizards of the Coast, Omnium Gatherum, Dragon Moon Press, Macabreink.com and Titan Books.

Ari currently resides in Austin, Texas. He lives in a clutter that has a moderate amount of apartment in it, along with George—his wife—and the aforementioned cats, who probably want something.

You can find Ari online, if you’re not careful.

Below you’ll find a few notes from my blog… I will admit… I spend more time on my books than the website but I do post pretty much daily over on Facebook:

Facebook: facebook.com/mouseferatu/

March 14, 2020: Free Stuff to Pass the Time

Well. It's been about seventy-three years since my last update. Apologies for that. I'll have some genuine news soon, including info about a really cool tie-in novel. But at the moment, I'm posting about something else. A lot of us are going to be stuck at home for a while, ...

August 20, 2019: Back up and running

Hey, folks. We're back! Really sorry about the down time. Things kind of went wonky on the back end--that sounds a lot more personal than I meant, but I'm talking about the site 😛 --and it took people with a lot more know-how than I have a very long time ...

July 29, 2019: ArmadilloCon approacheth!

Another ArmadilloCon is upon us, and once again, I shall be attending as a guest and panelist. But you should come anyway.  😛 I have no events officially scheduled on Friday, but I'm hoping to be there for the Meet the Pros party at 7:30 PM. Otherwise, my formal schedule ...

January 21, 2019: Take a look

Well, how 'bout that? I wasn't familiar with the EZVid wiki, but they seem to have good taste in urban fantasy, if nothing else.  😉 9 Captivating Works of Urban Fantasy In addition to Hot Lead, Cold Iron, they've got a number of other books listed that look really interesting. Take ...

October 18, 2018: Belated book release post

Well. Um. I announced it all over social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. I added it to the Upcoming/New Release widget, up there to the left. But I never actually posted about it on, y'know, the front page of my own web site. *smacks head repeatedly into wall* So, under the ...
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