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Ogre’s Pride

The Ogre’s Pride was published in Spectra Pulse, the e-newsletter for Random House’s Spectra imprint.

Credits: Sole authorNotes: This story was written as a tie-in to my novel The Conqueror’s Shadow. However, you needn’t have read one to enjoy the other.

The story is no longer available from the Pulse website–it is, after all, a monthly e-zine, and April is over–but I’ve made the story available here. (The link takes you directly to the PDF.) Although it says “Continued from Spectra Pulse” in the document, don’t worry; what’s in the document is the entirety of the story.

Before I Wake

Before I Wake” was published online as part of WotC’s Digital Initiatve.

Credits: Sole author

Notes: This a Ravenloft tale, but only marginally; if you know nothing of the setting, it won’t hurt your appreciation, and in fact you almost certainly wouldn’t even know there was anything that you didn’t know. (Um, so to speak.) It’s also my attempt at the pastiche of H.P. Lovecraft. (Not that I tried to imitate his writing completely; I don’t think I could. But the writing and, in particular, the dialog is more like his than anything else I’ve written.)