Ravenloft: Black Crusade

Notes: Black Crusade was originally written to be one of the first of the Ravenloft: Dominion line of novels from Wizards of the Coast. “Ravenloft” is the name of a gothic horror/fantasy setting. Although Ravenloft was created for the Dungeons and Dragons game, the Dominion line was meant to give it a new flavor–specifically, rather than drawing characters and domains from various D&D worlds, it would draw them from various periods of real-world history. In the case of Black Crusade, that period was the First Crusade.

Alas, Black Crusade was pushed back on the schedule for marketing reasons, and thus became a victim when the line was canceled. The novel was done, however, and Wizards decided to make it available in electronic format. It was initially released chapter-by-chapter as a weekly serial, but it’s now available in completed form. While I’m disappointed that it won’t see print, I’m delighted that you folks are able to see it in some form.

The book is, perhaps, a tad more raw than I’d like. I’ve learned a lot in writing my subsequent novels, and I’d probably do things a little differently on Black Crusade (including changing the title) if I had to go back and do it again. But I’m still quite proud of it, overall, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

(Available in electronic format only.)

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