Run-Time Error

For the first time in a long time–a couple of years, honestly–I’m getting a strong urge to run a D&D game.

The problem is, when I get caught up in a large project–be it an RPG assignment or a novel–my energy and impetus for running games often drains away dramatically. I’ve canceled more than one campaign in the past half-decade or so for precisely that reason.  😳 I don’t feel like I’d do that this time, but then, I didn’t feel like I’d do it those other times, either. But that’s the way it turned out.

So I’m torn. Even if I could put together a regular group (and "regular" is the keyword, here; I hate running a "whenever we can get around to it" game), I really don’t want to start another campaign that I’m not likely to finish.

Blargh. 😐

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