Corvis and I need your help!

As I’ve just announced on the front page, the newest entries in the Suvudu (Random House) Cage Match are up. For the first time, one of my own characters–Corvis Rebaine–is part of the contest.

And I need your help.

See, each match has a written scenario, describing how the folks at Suvudu believe the match would go. And they also asked me to write my version of how I think the match should go.

But ultimately, it comes down to a vote. And that means that more popular/famous characters have an edge over newer/less famous ones, purely because their fanbase is substantially larger. Sure, people should vote on who they think would win based on the characters and descriptions, but lots of people vote based on the characters they like better, or who they’ve heard of.

And Corvis’s first opponent? Severus Snape. 😯 Yeah, the Harry Potter fandom is slightly larger than the Corvis Rebaine fandom.

So please. Please, please, please. I really want Corvis to make a good showing, at least in the first couple of rounds. So, you can click here to read my version of the match. You can click here to read the Suvudu version of the match. But ultimately, what I need you to do is click here and vote for Corvis.

Pretty please? :mrgreen:

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