If you’ve read The Conqueror’s Shadow…

…and/or The Warlord’s Legacy, and assuming you enjoyed one, the other, or both, I have an odd question for you.

What other books/authors do they remind you of? In other words, if I wanted to read a fantasy novel with a very similar combination of darkness and action and humor, roughly the same degree of gritty without being grim, what titles would you recommend?

(Don’t worry about going back and looking at the books/authors I’ve said inspired me in the past. I’d rather get the full range of people’s opinions, even if it means getting some recommendations I’ve already read.)

I am, in this case, looking specifically for fantasy (of a traditional sort, be it epic or sword-and-sorcery). If you want to also recommend urban/contemporary fantasy, sci-fi, or horror, that’s cool, but please do so in addition to traditional fantasy recs, not in lieu of.

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