A quick comment on Castle

Castle is one of my top three favorite shows currently airing. It may be in my top ten ever; definitely in the top twenty.

But–and this is important–they’re also on the verge of committing what I consider to be the cardinal sin of "Dragging certain details out for far too long."

We’ve just begun season four. By the end of season four, I want to see the "Who’s the big mastermind behind the conspiracy that killed Beckett’s mother?" plotline wrapped up, and I want to see the "Will they/won’t they?" actually result in a romantic relationship.

(And don’t feed me any lines about "The Moonlighting Curse." I don’t buy it.)

Of course there can still be complications between them, and of course the show can introduce a new long-running plot arc (though I’m not convinced it needs one). But these? Time to tie the bow, people.

Otherwise, no matter how much I love the show, I’m not sure I’ll be sticking around for season five. 🙁

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