February 1, 2012: Huge, major, MULTI-AUTHOR contest!

I’ve run contests before, but never anything remotely like this. I said I had a few more major announcements coming? This is one of ’em. 🙂

Allow me to present to you the Crossing the Streams Contest. Running from now to the end of February, this contest–or rather, series of linked contests–involves not only myself, but about fifteen other authors. Most winners will win a signed book, from the author whose contest they won. (And yes, you can enter more than one author’s contest.) But one of you? A single lucky "super-winner" will receive a free signed book from each and every author involved.

Yep, really. :mrgreen:

Click on over to the contest page, not only for rules on how to enter the contest here on my site, but links to the contest pages of everyone else involved. (A few of them may not quite be live yet, if you’re clicking on these on our first day, but try again in a couple of hours.) Get going, and good luck. 🙂

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