Birthday musing

So I’ll be 38 this coming Thursday. Which is odd, since I don’t feel like an adult, let alone someone on the cusp of middle-age, but there it is.

If you’re so inclined to do something for me on my birthday–and I stress, only if you’re so inclined–I’d like to ask a favor of you.

This Thursday, buy someone a book.

Doesn’t need to be one of mine (though of course, it’d be nice if some of them were. 😉 ) Just pick someone you care about–friend, relative, lover, whatever–and buy them a book (e- or print) you think they’d like. I’d love it if the various vendors and publishers could look back at March 22nd of this year and actually notice an unexplained bump (however minor) in their expected figures.

Again, only if you want to. And thanks. 🙂

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