Some Agents of SHIELD speculation

Spoilers if you aren’t caught up through episode 7 or so. Click through for geeky rambling.

(Note that I haven’t watched eps 8 or 9 yet, so for all I know, something’s been said that makes this impossible, but…)

So, Skye’s parents are somehow connected to SHIELD. A SHIELD agent dropped her at the orphanage, but Coulson wouldn’t admit he knew why. The file he and May were looking at showed a dead body.

Am I the only one who hopes, however unlikely, that the following is true?

1) SHIELD killed Skye’s parents.

2) We find out that they did so because her father was conducting nasty experiments for HYDRA (or some other organization, if they’re choosing to keep HYDRA in the WWII time period, but it was HYDRA in the comics).

3) Skye freaks at this and joins with HYDRA for a while, after being convinced that SHIELD are the bad guys and HYDRA the good guys.

4) While at HYDRA, Skye discovers the powers that her father’s experiments gave her.

5) Eventually she realizes what HYDRA is and goes back to SHIELD.

6) Oh, and her birth name–which she obviously doesn’t know, and which isn’t Skye–is Jessica Drew.

I know, I know. Not all that bloody likely. But it’d be a really cool long-term plot if it were, and it would certainly tie the show more tightly into the Marvel universe. 😛

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