Adding My Voice

It’s so easy to think "Well, I’ve cut ties, that’s enough." But it really isn’t. As these last few weeks have demonstrated, time and again, it’s necessary–and well past time–to speak up about each and every incident.

So this is me, speaking my part.

I’ve been focused primarily on fiction for a long time now, but I still keep a toe in the RPG waters. I’m currently working on The Lost Citadel RPG for Green Ronin (a company about which I cannot say enough good things). I’ve done several articles for ENWorld’s EN5ider, with whom I would happily work again.

And, within the last couple of years, I spearheaded a book of adventures for Frog God/Necromancer.

I didn’t know better at the time. Most of us didn’t.

Many of you already know the story of what happened at PaizoCon this past May. If you don’t, Google PaizoCon and Bill Webb.

In addition to what’s been stated publicly, I’m also aware of other incidents involving Bill and other people. Those incidents are not public knowledge, and I’m not at liberty to discuss them or the people involved, but they’re pretty awful.

I stopped communicating with Bill back in May, and I certainly haven’t sought (and wouldn’t have accepted) any more work from Frog God, even though we’d been talking about doing a 5E conversion of The Doom of Listonshire. But as I said above, cutting ties privately isn’t enough.

I am, therefore, formally and publicly announcing that I will have nothing more to do with Frog God–as a creator or a customer–so long as Bill Webb remains associated with the company.

It’s not much since, as I said, I’m only doing small amounts of RPG work these days anyway. But it’s what I can do.

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