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More Wittering on Divine

So, gods in fantasy fiction. In real world mythologies, it's actually fairly rare (though not unheard of) to have a clearly defined "god of [specific thing]." Most gods were, well, messier. Poseidon, god of the sea, right? Right. Also earthquakes ...
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In Truth and Claw

  Credits: Sole author.Cover art by Julia Lloyd. Notes: Book three in the Mick Oberon series! Uncover the occult mysteries and deepest secrets of gangland Chicago, from the underworld to the Otherworld. Availability: • • Barnes & • • ...
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Redirecting to Ari's Patreon ...
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"Never Again"

Have I just been making false assumptions? Having grown up as a Jew whose grandparents were all Eastern European immigrants, I know that I was educated in the horrors and specifics of the Holocaust more so than your average American ...
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(Note that I mention several movies, below, to use as examples. I touch on the endings of these particular movies, so watch for spoilers if you haven't seen them and still plan to: Alien, Life, Drag Me to Hell, Dog ...
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Adding My Voice

It's so easy to think "Well, I've cut ties, that's enough." But it really isn't. As these last few weeks have demonstrated, time and again, it's necessary--and well past time--to speak up about each and every incident. So this is ...
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Star What Now?

Wait, are there seriously rumors of a Luke Skywalker-based prequel?  😯 The entire point of Luke's story was that he was a nobody farmer to whom nothing of any real importance had ever happened. It's a cliche, but it's a ...
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Conceptual fandom

Do any of you ever find yourself realizing that you're a fan of something conceptually, but not practically? What I mean is, for instance, a conversation about horror movies at ArmadilloCon eventually turned to Pinhead and the Hellraiser movies. And ...
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