In the footsteps of Solomon Kane

Tonight, we made characters for, and played our first session of, a new Solomon Kane RPG campaign. (It’s a "Savage Worlds" game.)

This is my first experience with the Savage Worlds system. With the exception of a recent three-session playtest of a Trail of Cthulhu supplement, and a single session of Mummy: the Resurrection at GenCon, this is also the first time I’ve played an RPG that wasn’t D&D in about eight years.

After character creation, we only got about an hour of playing in, so I’m not prepared to comment on the system just yet. But I think it’s going to be a great campaign. Everyone seems to have a grasp of, and appreciation for, the source material. We’re focusing on genre and capturing the feel of Howard’s Kane stories (minus the overt racism) rather than historical accuracy.

My character? Rukma Kadam, an Indian mystic. He was once part of a cult who called upon Ravanna and had congress with rakshasa (Indian demons), setting them against their enemies. By the time everything went wrong (as of course it would), and the demons turned on their own community, it was too late for Rukma to do anything about them. The rakshasa and the bulk of the cult was eventually defeated by a "wandering Puritan swordsman" whose name Rukma never heard. (Cough, cough.) Since then, Rukma has wandered Europe and Asia, seeking out and destroying supernatural evil as a means of karmic atonement for his prior actions. He is currently traveling as the manservant/bodyguard of a woman named Isabella (my wife’s character), as this allows him free passage in parts of Europe where he would otherwise not be welcome.

It’ll be interesting to see how he interacts with the French musketeer and the Jesuit priest who are the other two PCs in the campaign. And for all that I’ve only played him for an hour so far, I’m loving this character. In point of fact, I think I may see his transformation from an RPG character to a short story protagonist somewhere in the future…

My only complaint is that we’re only meeting biweekly, so I have to wait fourteen days to play again. 😛

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