I write like Ari Marmell

So there’s a "Who do you write like?" meme making the rounds. You paste a chunk of text into the analyzer, and it tells you whose work your own most resembles. It’s supposedly based on word choice.

It is, in fact, based on something that comes out of the back end of a bull in all sorts of fascinating shades of brown.

I just ran the analysis several times, on different samples of my writing. Each was multiple pages in length. And I got a different author almost every time. Apparently I write like Margaret Atwood and Leo Tolstoy and Rudyard Kipling and Vladamir Nabokov. Five samples, four authors. (I got Atwood twice.)

These are all samples from the same novel.

So, yeah, I think I’m quite content saying that

A) I write like me, and

B) This "analysis," even for a silly little Internet gizmo, is more than a tad flawed. 😛

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