Music me!

I need some new soundtracks.

See, most of the music I listen to these days is movie soundtracks. (Orchestral only. No lyrics.) I find that they’re the best sort of music for when I’m writing, and I also like using them as gaming background.

But I’m starting to get tired of my current rotation. So give me some suggestions.

1) I tend to prefer horror/sci-fi/fantasy soundtracks to others, but other recommendations are okay.

2) I already own a lot, so odds are good that I’ll already have at least a few of your recommendations.

3) Let’s skip the obvious, okay? Assume that I’ve got already got Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and other movies in the "So huge you’d have heard of them even if you lived in orbit" variety. 😉

4) Some of my favorite composes include Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Randy Edelman, and (sometimes) Danny Elfman and James Horner, when they’re not just stealing from themselves. Not saying that I want you to limit yourself to those–in fact, I want the exact opposite, and I have plenty that I love from other people–I’m just giving you a general feel for the sort of stuff I like.

So, have at. What should I be listening to?

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