August 20, 2010: The Mists Rise!

Since the existence of the project is already public, I’ve been told that I’m allowed to tell people that I’m working on the new 4E version of Ravenloft! 😀

(That’s the RPG coming out next year, not the board game coming out in a few weeks.)

Obviously, I can’t talk about what I’m doing. And I should say that I’m really only doing a very little bit. The bulk of the work is being done in-house; I’m not sure if I’m even going to have a cover credit (though I sure hope so), and I have no real say in the core design.

Nevertheless, I’m stoked. I’ve been a huge Ravenloft goob for ages. I got to contribute to only a single Ravenloft book back in 3E, when White Wolf licensed it. And while I got to write a Ravenloft novel, it would up only being published online. So this will be my first time to get my name on a major, printed Ravenloft release.

But, one certainly hopes, not my last. 🙂

(Hmm. That’s 2/3rds of the way to a trifecta: Ravenloft and Dark Sun are two of my three all-time favorite classic D&D campaign settings. Now I just need to get my grubbies on a new version of Al-Qadim, and I’ll be set.)

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