August 10, 2013: GenCon schedule

Okay, GenCon is in four days.

Excuse me one moment.


Ahem. All right, that being dealt with, I’m hoping to see some of you there. My tentative schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, 9:00 PM: I’ll be attending the Diana Jones Awards with some friends. I won’t be doing anything official, or have time for any long conversations, but do feel free to stop me and say hi.

Friday, 2:00 PM: Signing, at the Authors’ Symposium signing table.

Saturday, 8:00 AM (sob): "Exploring Genres" panel, Symposium Room 1. Seriously, who plans anything at 8:00 AM at GenCon?!?! o.O

1:00 PM: Signing, at the Author’s Symposium signing table.

2:00 PM: "YA" panel, Symposium Room 1.

Plus, of course, a lot of random wandering around. If you happen to spot me somewhere, I’m more than happy to say hi, even sign a book or two, but please remember I’m there with my own people, too. 🙂

See you all there.

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