An Open Letter to Marvel Studios

(As if there were a chance in hell of them seeing it.) šŸ˜‰

I’ve seen, in a couple of different interviews now, Kevin Feige make comments to the effect of "It’s great to have Daredevil and the Punisher back in our hands, but we’re sitting on them for now, because we’re not sure yet what to do with them."

We have also been told that you guys are getting into TV in a big way, in the near future.

AndĀ we know that one of the most common complaints leveled at Agents of SHIELD is that it doesn’t have enough crossover with actual known characters.

Surely IĀ cannot be the only one seeing the opportunity here.

Daredevil is a costumed superhero. He has name recognition. He’s flashy. He’s action-oriented. And–this is important–both his own superpowers, and the superpowers of most characters associated with him, areĀ special effects-lite. In other words,Ā cheap.

The character has some amazing story arcs, tales that absolutely cannot be done justice in a single two-hour movie. I have two words for you: "Born Again."

Daredevil is notĀ such a big name that you’re risking anything by putting him on TV rather than in a movie. Especially after the reception of Fox’s earlier attempt at the character, the odds of making a truly successful Daredevil movie are not nearly as big as other characters–but that could change if the character first establishes a fanbase on TV.

And because itĀ would be on TV, you can cast to the character without worrying one tiny bit about star power. If you want to do a movie later, and the series is successful, you’ll have made your own.

And hey, who would make a great recurring guest star, sometimes ally, sometimes enemy? With potential for his own spinoffĀ if this version of the character proves popular? Why, one Frank "The Punisher" Castle. He’s tough to do on network TV, but not impossible.

And crossover episodes with Agents of SHIELD would be viable, because DD isn’t beyond the power range of a "normal" human; you can threaten him and Coulson’s team with the same adversary in the right storyline.

Seriously, guys. I’m not an expert, but from the PoV of both an author (including one who has worked with licensed characters) and a fan, I’m really not seeing a downside to this. Why is this not happening?

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