Seriously, Fuck Cancer

I have far too many friends and colleagues, people I genuinely care about, suffering through one form or another of cancer right now. Hell, one would be "far too many."

I’m tired of wishing there was "something I could do." So I’m doing something, however minor a gesture it may be.

I have dropped the price of my short story collection, Strange New Words, across Amazon, Smashwords, and DriveThruFiction. This applies to both e-copies and hardcopies. I haven’t decided yet if this price drop is permanent or temporary.

What I have decided is that I will donate the entirety of any profit I make on sales of Strange New Words, throughout the entire month of June. Not to an institute or to a program, but directly to a handful of the people I know who are struggling with cancer right now, to help defray the ungodly medical costs these things accumulate. It probably won’t be much, in the grand scheme of things, but I’d like for it to be something.

If you haven’t picked up SNW yet, please consider doing so now. If you have, please encourage other people to. And definitely help me spread the word, if you’d be so kind.

Thank you so much, every one of you.

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