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Unpopular Opinion Theater presents: Marvel movies!

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people online champion the idea of Marvel somehow regaining the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties from Fox, so they can incorporate them into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’m fine with that, where the FF are concerned, but as for the X-Men… Well…

I don’t want Marvel to get them back.

No, that’s not accurate. I’d be fine with Marvel getting them back if they kept them separate. What I do not want is mutants in the MCU.

Yes, it’d be cool to see Logan and Cap meet in WWII, Beast banter with Spider-man, all of that. But the concept of the mutants, as a hated minority, as a metaphor for PoC or gays or other marginalized groups? That just works better if they’re the only super-beings out there; and on the flip side, in the MCU, where everyone’s power has thus far has a source, the alien-blooded Inhumans are a more thematic fit.

(Yes, I’ve heard the arguments to the contrary. Some are even solid. I nevertheless feel that mixing mutants with other superhumans dilutes the "mutant as other" narrative.)

Plus, frankly, the MCU is already getting crowded. It can’t handle as many characters as the comics can.

I now step back so that you may yell and scream and throw tomatoes in polite disagreement. 😉

Happy Halloween!

For the first time in a couple of years, we decided to put some effort into Halloween. So, I present Rasputin, from Hellboy.

Okay, so I’m no Karel Roden, but I think it’s not too shabby, all things considered.  😀














Zero stars

I was just followed, on Twitter, by one of those "Buy Amazon reviews!" services.

I blocked them and reported them as spam. And the only reason I didn’t do more than that is that the "Crotch-punch poster over the Internet" attachment I ordered is out of stock.

Let me be clear. Authors rely on reviews. Word of mouth sells more than anything, and reviews are–and generate–word of mouth.

But that only works as long as readers believe that at least the majority of reviews are honest/accurate, at least where the reviewer is concerned. "Services" like this? They’re not helping you. It becomes real obvious, real quick, if a book is paying for good reviews. All you’re doing is damaging the readers’ trust–and not just of you, but of all reviews, and by extension, of all authors.

So, to the folks at the "service" who followed me–briefly–and to the folks at all other, similar services, and to the authors who use them…

Kindly piss the hell off, and stay there.

No love–and sadly, no ability to crotch-punch you via the internet,



Hallow Point

 "HallowPoint" Credits: Sole author.

Cover art by Julia Lloyd.

Notes: Book two in the Mick Oberon series! Uncover the occult mysteries and deepest secrets of gangland Chicago, from the underworld to the Otherworld.


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The Spear of Lugh, one of the great and terrible Four Hallows of the Tuatha Dé Danann, is in Chicago. And everyone, everyone wants it, for it is said that he who carries the spear into battle cannot be defeated. Those chasing it include an agent of the infamous Wild Hunt; a mobster who knows far more about these things than he should; and of course both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts—the very last people PI Mick Oberon, exile from the Otherworld courts of the fae, would want getting hold of the spear…