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January 18, 2017: Come With Me Back to the Beginning

Before Mick Oberon, before Widdershins, before The Goblin Corps, there was Corvis Rebaine.

The Conqueror’s Shadow, and its sequel, The Warlord’s Legacy, were my very first published original (that is, non-media tie-in) novels. I’ve written many and varied books since, but Corvis remains one of my favorite characters.

Now, some seven years later, with the help of the folks of at JABberwocky, I’m presenting new editions of both novels in e-book format. And for just a couple of weeks, they’re on sale, too.  😀

If you’ve liked some of my other books and want to see how this all started for me, if you’ve been curious about my work but waiting for a particularly inexpensive entry point, or if you just want to offer me your support and encouragement, now is a wonderful opportunity. And thank you, as always; I wouldn’t be here without you.

(I will fill in the links below as the books go live on the various sites.)

"TCS_cover"The Conqueror’s Shadow


"TWL_cover"The Warlord’s Legacy

August 3, 2017: ArmadilloCon schedule

Well, ArmadilloCon starts tomorrow(!!), and I’ve managed to forget to put up my schedule until now. Oops.

For those who will be there and want to hear me speak–or, more likely, hear other people speak and will tolerate my presence among them–my schedule is as follows:

Friday, 8 PM: Timeless vs. Tired Tropes in SFF (Southpark B)

Saturday, 2 PM: Rules of the Game (Southpark A; I will be moderating, so anticipate chaos)

Sunday, 12 PM: Western and Noir Themed Speculative Fiction (Southpark A)

Sunday, 2 PM: Signing (Dealers’ Room)

As usual, I cannot guarantee that any of the dealers will have any specific books, so if there’s a particular book you want signed, I strongly suggest you buy a copy in advance and bring it with you. (Although, since my signing isn’t until Sunday, you have a chance to see if it’s available at the con first, if you want to.)

See you all there! 🙂

June 16, 2017: Patreon updates (with new fiction!)

Okay, guys. I’ve just tweaked the $10-level reward to make it more appealing. Of greater import, though, I’ve just posted the first three chapters of an unedited and as yet unsold epic-ish fantasy novel! More chapters forthcoming, at (roughly; not a promise) a rate of one per week.

It’ll be some time before this book is sold and/or published, so this is probably the only way anyone will see it for at least a couple of years. Plus, y’know, there’s the opportunity to offer feedback.

Take a look and, if you feel so inclined, consider supporting. I think it’s more than worth it.  🙂

And if that’s not your thing–or even if it is–don’t forget that The Lost Citadel Kickstarter is still underway. If you like your fantasy with a good dollop of darkness and horror, this should absolutely be your jam.

July 11, 2017: GenCon ahoy!

Thanks to a few last-minute miracle workers, I’ll be attending GenCon this year! 😀

My schedule is largely open; I have only a few official or semi-official events. (At least, so far; I’ll post if that changes.) Right now, my events look like this:

Thursday, 4 pm: "Investigating the Lost Citadel" panel, Crowne Plaza, Penn Stn C

Friday, 1:30 pm: Book signing, alongside Joe Carriker, Green Ronin Booth, Dealer’s Room

Saturday, 12:30 pm: Book signing, alongside Joe Carriker, Green Ronin Booth, Dealer’s Room

Otherwise I’ll be wandering around, attending panels, and just hanging out.

A note on signings: I have no idea if any of the vendors at GenCon will be carrying any of my books, especially the novels. If you have particular books you want signed, I strongly recommend that you buy them in advance and bring them with you.

Hope to see a bunch of you there! 🙂

June 6, 2017: The End is Here

And it’s here. The end of the world.

But just maybe you can be one of those who survives it.

The brainchild of CA Suleiman, Jaym Gates, and myself, The Lost Citadel is high fantasy made low, the world of Tolkien or standard D&D after magic broke, nature grew sick, and the dead awoke. It’s about the horrors, not merely of the undead, but of the living when there’s nowhere else to go.

Presented by Green Ronin, the project includes roleplaying material, fiction, and more, as developed by a lot of talented authors (including the winners of the recent talent search).

Take a look. Maybe offer some support. And we’ll try to make sure to save you a little bit of space in Redoubt, when it’s all that’s left of civilization.


April 17, 2017: Launching a New Effort

Okay, everyone. It’s time.
Want to see/discuss my thoughts on writing, publishing, and the like?
Want to shape or even participate in occasional Q&A videos with myself and other authors?
Want early access to unpublished and sometimes in-progress works of mine?
Take a look. I think you’ll find something you like.
(And whether or not you elect to participate, if you could share this on your own social media to help me spread the word, I would be very much obliged.)
Thank you all so much for your help and support. 🙂