October 10, 2010: Signing next weekend

If any of you are in or near the Austin area, you might want to swing by Dragon’s Lair next Saturday (the 16th) for their Halloween event. In addition to various other goodies and events, a number of authors will be there for signings, including Gabrielle Faust, Matthew Sturges, Victor Gischler, and a number of others–including myself.

Dragon’s Lair should have most of my current edition gaming material (D&D 4E and Vampire: the Requiem), if you want to pick up something to get signed while you’re there. But they don’t carry much in the way of fiction, so if you want me to sign The Conqueror’s Shadow or Agents of Artifice, you’ll probably want to run by a bookstore before heading over.

You can find out more details of their Halloween event here. Hope to see some of you there.

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