August 16, 2011: Neverwinter!

Been a while since I announced one of these, but I’ve got a new RPG book (as opposed to a novel or short story) out and available!

The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is ostensibly a Forgotten Realms supplement, but it can be pretty much used as the basis for an entire heroic-tier campaign in its own right. I worked on this one alongside Matt Sernett and Erik Scott "Many Names" de Bie.

I’m psyched at how well the book came out. It’s also got thematic ties to this season of D&D Encounters, as well as several forthcoming novels and a PC/console game, but again, you needn’t have any of those to use the campaign book itself.

Also, last reminder before the day. Signing. Dragon’s Lair. Tomorrow. 6:00 PM. Be there or, uh, don’t.

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