August 15, 2011: A whole mess of little announcements and columns

Okay, what’ve we got this Monday morning? (Besides a burning desire that it not be Monday morning, I mean.)

First, I’ve got a couple of new columns up. On the Pyr Books blog, some thoughts on the use of language in fantasy novels. I don’t mean made-up languages, like Tolkien’s Elvish and the like, I mean English.

For you gamers, some ruminations about my preferred playstyle and the use of plot without railroading in D&D and other RPGs, over on ENWorld.

The Broken Time Blues anthology, a book of fantasy, supernatural, and otherwise fantastic short stories set in the roaring 20s, is now available at Amazon. This includes my own short story, "The Purloined Ledger," but you should buy it anyway. 😉

Finally, just a bunch of reminders:

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