What’s that you say?

Been told by one of my beta-readers that I’m going just a little too far on the MC’s/narrator’s dialect in the work-in-progress. And while my other beta doesn’t have the same complaint, I’m inclined to listen. Written dialect is one of those things where a little goes a very long way, and even the slightest bit too much can render the text silly and/or unreadable to some of the audience. So yeah; now I just need to decide if I want to make the changes from this point on, or keep writing as I have been and then change the manuscript all at once.

(It’s not a difficult change to make–mostly, I think, just a few find-and-replaces–so I’m honestly not sure if it’s worth the mental shift to make the change for the remainder of the book or not.)

And yep, I said "MC/narrator." I haven’t written in first-person in years, except for a couple of short stories, but this book concept absolutely demanded it.