Is The Goblin Corps for you?

I have been asked by several different people to go into more detail on who The Goblin Corps is, and is not, appropriate for.

My answer is this: "Appropriate"? Nobody. If you’re a human being between the ages of zero and 247, and are not currently serving a life sentence, the book’s probably not "appropriate" for you.

But as to who would enjoy it? Well, a lot of you. If you don’t mind rooting for the bad guys (and I don’t mean bad guys who are cleaned up and are basically good guys with a little gray, or antiheroes, I mean bad guys); if you enjoy wading knee-deep through sarcastic humor; if you aren’t fucking offended by shitloads of profanity; if Conan doesn’t have nearly enough blood for you; and, mostly, if the idea of "Quentin Tarantino meets J.R.R. Tolkien" appeals to you, then I think you’ll enjoy the book.

Just don’t expect anything "appropriate." 😉

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