June 27th, 2011: Because vampires never stay dead

My very first published novel, released back in… um, 2004 (holy crap, I’m getting old), was Gehenna: the Final Night. A tie-in novel for White Wolf, it was the final book in the Vampire: the Masquerade fiction line.

It’s been largely unavailable for the past six years, unless you wanted to buy it used, but no more! DriveThruRPG has it available, either as a PDF or as a print-on-demand paperback. You can take a look by clicking here.

I don’t know how much appeal this will have to anyone who wasn’t a V:tM fan. It’s pretty heavily steeped in the canon of that game. And as it was my first published novel, it’s not quite as polished as my more recent work. All that said, I’m still really proud of how it came out, and I’m delighted that it’s available again for any of you who want it. 😀

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