March 27, 2012: Because I Am Dumb…

I posted about these on my various social networks, but forgot to do so here. D’oh!

Over on Terrible Minds (Chuck Wendig’s page), I’ve got a fairly comprehensive interview. Talks about a lot of different things, from Thief’s Covenant to my writing style to public criticism to, um, some Rapunzel apocrypha. You can read that here.

Second, if you’re really not sick of hearing from me yet, I did a podcast with Shaun over at Adventures in Sci-Fi. It’s not exactly short, but we talked about a lot of (hopefully) interesting stuff. That one’s over here.

Otherwise, not much new as of yet. Those of you who won books from me in the Crossing the Streams contest should have them shortly, if they haven’t arrived already. Keep an eye out for ’em.

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