August 25, 2011: Reminders ahoy!

My schedule for ArmadilloCon, which begins tomorrow. (gleep! 😮 ) Click here.

I’ll also be at DragonCon, which begins next week. (Double-gleep! 😯 ) No schedule yet, but soon (I hope).

My Easiest Contest Ever is still running, and still has plenty of room for more entries. Get on that! It’s easy! (You know it’s true, ‘cuz it’s in the title.)

And finally, since I’ve gotten some questions suggesting that some people missed the earlier announcements… The Goblin Corps is now available on both Kindle and Nook. The novel page has links to both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so either format’s easy enough to get to. (The page also has a free PDF excerpt, which is notably longer than the previews offered elsewhere. It contains the entirety of both the Prologue and Chapter One. So if you’re still on the fence, maybe that’ll help shove you off.) 😉

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